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curve ahead signSince the penis is never perfectly straight, all men notice somewhat of a curve in it's regular shape during an erection. The extent of this curve varies from one man to the next, with most experiencing only a moderate curving.

While a small percentage of men exhibit extreme curvature which may possibly require surgery, the great majority can use non-medical techniques to naturally straighten erections.

Unless you happen to be suffering from Peyronie's Disease, a severe medical condition covered in several previous posts, having a visible curve in your penis is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, penis curvature is a natural process that occurs when the two chambers within the penis develop at different rates during aging. As one chamber grows faster, the penis inevitably begins to bend towards the slower developing chamber.

This is a perfectly normal development that can be neither predicted nor prevented. It may even deliver a few perks. For instance, some women experience greater pleasure during intercourse as a result of a curved penis rubbing areas usually left untouched.

On the other hand, many men might feel embarrassed by it's peculiar shape which could lead to depression and intercourse avoidance. In this case, natural penis techniques can be employed to help straighten the penis and reduce curving.

The fully natural way of straightening the penis is to use penis exercises. Many penis workout programs include techniques that are designed to specifically accomplish this. The Jelq, for example, is one such exercise that has been shown to be extremely effective in correcting curvature of the penis.

Another more advanced method of dealing with a curved penis is through the use of a traction device. These devices, worn directly on the penis, effectively stretch the penis and over time result in natural straightening.

Some commercially available systems, such as the one from SizeGenetics, combine both methods in natural synergy to produce greater results. You can learn more about their program from their website section on curved penis straightening.

Keep in mind that natural penile curvature correction is not a speedy process. It took some time for your penis to develop into it's present shape and there's no miracle over-night cures. However, with patience and persistence, it is possible to reduce and even remove the bend in your penis over time.

Posted by PRS
Friday, March 9th, 2007

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9 Responses to "Naturally Straightening A Curved Penis"

A good read of the medical condition.


can you send me a demo natural penis exercise so that you can help my problem today.

Hello narnar,

You can get access to high quality penis exercise demonstration videos from the PenisHealth website. They also supply them on DVD which is easier than downloading them online. They even provide demo exercises which are specifically designed to straighten the penis.

hello sir
my penis is curved towards left.when i make it to point straight,it looks like a bent banana.will this create problem in sex?

Hi d j,

A slight curvature of the penis by itself should not overly affect your ability to have sex. There is after all some flexibility inherent to both the male and female genitalia.

It can however become a problem when the angle of the bend is extreme. There are cases for example where the curvature can reach almost 90 degrees. In those instances intercourse can become painful and almost impossible to perform.

The only way to know for sure what impact the curvature will have on your ability to have sex is to actually try it and see for yourself.

My penis is bent to the left, but also when erect it points downward, and this has caused me depression and anxiety during sex. Can a penis be bent back upward from the base, and still be slightly straightened back to what it used to look like. I also notice that the side that the curve is on, that side is smaller i need help.

Hello Janai,

You should always first consult a physician who can give you a proper diagnosis and advise treatment.

That being said, from your description it sounds like you may have experienced some sort of physical trauma in the past. A suspensory ligament is responsible for the upward pointing of a normal erection so if it was damaged that may account for its current downward angle.

Also the curve of your penis might signal the buildup of inelastic scar tissue or plaque in the layers of erectile tissue. If this buildup is concentrated on one side of the penis then it will remain firm while other parts of the penis engorge, resulting in curvature towards the inelastic side.

You may ultimately need surgery depending on the severity of your condition. There are however certain non-surgical methods that have shown success in men with similar conditions.

A traction device used over time can help to straighten the penis and remove curvature. There are also specific exercises that strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle - this is the muscle that when flexed causes the erect penis to bob up and down. A combination of these two methods may help alleviate the curvature and give you more muscle control so that your penis will point upwards during an erection.

The SizeGenetics™ Ultimate System can provide you with everything you need including the penis traction device and exercise program. You can order it online and have it shipped out to you immediately.

Order Directly Here:

I hope you find this information helpful and wish you all the best!

Hi my penis curves downwards, please i need your help to naturally straigthen it. Thanks

Hi Kennol. You may want to check out this penis curvature device which can help straighten the penis using a combination of effective methods.

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