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List of medical penis disordersThe penis can be affected by several different disorders ranging in severity from swelling to nerve damage and impotence. Men experiencing these problems should always consult a licensed physician for proper diagnosis and treatment. Below are a few of the best known medical disorders that can affect the male sexual organ.

Penile Oedema

One of the more common disorders of the penis, called Oedema, is characterized by a swelling of the foreskin. Penile Oedema is often caused by excessive sexual activity, including masturbation. This is usually not a severe condition as long as the foreskin remains in it's normal position and blood flow is not obstructed. If swelling persists, however, a doctor should be consulted as this may point to chronic heart disease.


Paraphimosis (also called capistration) is a condition in which the prepuce, after having been retracted behind the glans penis, is constricted and does not return to it's forward position. This disorder generally occurs due to fluid trapped in the foreskin and can be the result of intense sexual activity. It is often temporary but if it persists for several hours a physician should be contacted.

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's disease is a disorder that is characterized by a curvature of the penis caused by the build up of fibrous scar tissue. While surgery may be necessary to correct this condition, in some cases the use of special traction devices has been shown to be effective in straightening the penis. Read "Peyronie's Disease: Is surgery the only option?" for more information.

Pudendal Nerve Damage

The pudendal nerve, as it relates to the external genital organs, is sometimes subject to damage due to accidents or even from sitting on hard bicycle seats for extended periods of time. It is characterized by pain while sitting and a numbing of the genitals. This condition should not be confused with the loss of sensation caused by permanent nerve damage associated with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy.


Priapism is a painful medical condition characterized by a persistent erection of the penis which is not related to sexual arousal. Complications from priapism can include ischaemia, thrombosis and impotence. Although less common, severe cases of this condition can result in gangrene which would make amputation of the penis necessary.


Now commonly called "erectile dysfunction", impotence is probably the best known of all penis disorders. Impotence is the inability to reach or maintain an erection and is increasingly common in men over the age of 40. While not a life-threatening condition, impotence does effect sexual performance and can have serious psychological implications.

The penis disorders listed above are just a few of the medical conditions related to the male genitalia. As always, consult your physician if you think you might be experiencing any problem associated with your penis.

Posted by PRS
Monday, June 18th, 2007

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54 Responses to "Penis Medical Disorders"

he there, wonder if you can help me. I am a 38 year old woman with a 33 year old boyfriend. I am a bit concerned about his penis and I wondered if you could give me any advice? the rim of the head of his penis instead of being smooth is very (hard to explain) but almost frayed looking!! Any ideas what this could be?

Hi Rachel,

There are many different types of penis disorders that men can experience. These range from simple skin conditions to STIs (sexually transmitted infections). The only way to be certain of what your boyfriend may have is for him to get a professional examination. I recommend he visit a physician so that you both can rest easier.

i wonder if you can help me. I am a 32 year old male and i have a 35 year old girlfriend. About 2 weeks ago we had anal sex and a couple of days later my penis seemed abnormal. My foreskin seem to be tight and it hurts if i try to pull it back so i can get my penis head out. When i do finally do pull it to clean it it hurts when i do get my head through and then it burns a little when i pee after i clean it due to the stretching. What should i do. Also i had sex about three days ago and it hurt the next day. Other than that i haven't had any type of sex.

Hi Sef,

Since the anal orifice is generally small, it's very easy to damage the penis when attempting penetration. Proper lubrication should always be used. It's also important for sanitary reasons to make sure the cavity is clean and free of fecal matter. The use of condoms for protection is recommended when performing anal sex. If the penis skin is broken or irritated, exposure to feces can lead to infection. I suggest you schedule a visit with your physician for a professional diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

it's me again. you suggested to go scedule an appointment with my physician well i dont have one and do you have any suggestions on what kind of doctor i should go to. Also about my tight foreskin i noticed today that there are some red lines the appear when i strech it to clean my penis.

While urologists are generally consulted for problems regarding the male sex organs, you could instead visit your local community health clinic for a quick examination. When it comes to health concerns, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Hello my name is crystal, I am 31 and my boyfriend is 32. when we first met 4 yrs. ago we liked to have sex alot. he never had a problem getting an erection sometimes he would get an erection w/out being aroused. but now he doesn't seem to get aroused like before. he sometimes has to watch a porno to get an erection. do you think it could be an erectile dysfunction or just a simple case of trying to keep the sex life alive and strong. by the way he does work nights sleeps roughly 4-6 hrs in the day sometimes stressed out for family economical reasons. also we argue off/on any idea what could be the problem. thanx.

hi, i have a four yr old boy who woke up this morning with painful, itchy and painful swelling on the penis. please can you tell what it is.


There are many reasons why men experience erectile dysfunction. Although only a doctor will be able to diagnose what the exact cause is, lack of sleep and excessive stress are definitely great contributors. If the problem persists I recommend you consult a qualified physician.


The symptoms you describe could be caused by any number of factors including some type of allergic reaction or irritation caused by a specific fabric that has come into contact with the penis. Your family doctor or pediatrician should be able to better diagnose the condition.

Hi, hows it goin? I have a problem thats been troubling for a bit and haven't been able to find a solution for. About two months ago I had unprotected sex and developed a couple of odd skin conditions that weren't there before and haven't cleared up since. None of the symptoms are painful, though some are slightly irritable at times. The first symptom I noticed was a slight irritable tingling sensation at the opening of the penis a day or two after, though no burning when urinating. Two weeks later, I noticed all these white bumps (kind of like white goose bumps) that circle around the base and go up the bottom shaft. The bumps do not feel painful although they have not left since. I went to a couple of doctors and dermatologist that only seemed concerned in assuring me it wasn't herpes (which my test came back negative for). A week after the white bumps, I started to get slight burning sensation on the inner thigh, along with that i was initial symptom i had first noticed of the slight irritable tingling sensation, though now it was also around the crown that seemed a little blotchy, along with foreskin being slightly pink. When erect the crown gets less blotchy and more a solid red, and when the erection has left the entire head becomes a blotchy red. Since then the inner thigh burn has gone away due to hydrocortisone, yet all the other symptoms are still prevalent. I haven't been able to get any clear answers from doctors on what it is, only that its not herpes which I already know. I've found a couple of post on dermatologist forums that have identical symptoms, yet the doctors give the same answer 'it's not herpes'. At this point I'm not sure if I should go to another dermatologist, or if there was a sort of penis specialist (the way women have a gynecologist) that might have answer for me. Any suggestions as to what route i should take would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


You should definitely get another doctor's opinion. I would recommend seeing a Urologist who specializes in this field. You can visit the American Urological Association's website to Find A Urologist in your area. They also have a lot of information regarding different conditions which you may find helpful.

My friend always gets girls and brings them home but never does anything sexually with the girls. They never stay with him becouse he does not let them touch his penis. He gets mad if i ask him about it and never has stories about his sexuall life. He is not homosexual. Im thinking that he have some kind of medical problem becouse when he was a little boy his penis got stuck in a slide and they have to call the ambulance. I am wondering if you got some kind of explanation for this?

Your guess is as good as mine. It's possible that he did have some kind of penis injury that has left him overly self conscious. Or perhaps he's just not ready for sexual relations? Either way, it's his personal life and as a friend you should respect his privacy.

My cousin's son who is 5yr old had trauma on the penis and bled alot at the playground 2 wks ago. Visited dr and yesterday dr commented the boy had a congenital problem on the penis. 1)An extra hole next to the penis meatus (urine passed out from that extra hole)and the 2)tip of the penis is crooked. He recommended surgery but said success rate is 90%. I am worried for the boy's future for erectile and ejaculation. Right now he has no problem with erectile when his mum applied antiseptic creams on his injured penis which is now recovered after 2 weeks rest.Please advise,thanks.


From what you have described about his condition, it seems likely that the boy suffers from a birth defect known as hypospadias. It depends upon the severity of the condition but it would appear that cosmetic surgery is a common treatment. I would recommend that your friend get a second opinion from a qualified urologist before making a decision about performing any surgical procedure.

i have what seems to be a rash on the head of my penis. my doctor says its a fungal thing and had me do antifungal creams which only made it MADDDD!!!! then a steroid. which helped at first but it never went away completely. then it just blew up again. when its bad it scabs and flakes. very very red and when irritated and rubbing within my pants it can be painful. please help me if you can. i can send a pic if that would help you to help me. oh yea, and my girlfriend. its been 5 months since she has seen it. hahaha. but not really funny

Properly diagnosing and treating a skin disorder can be very difficult. The root cause can be anything from an allergic reaction to a latent hereditary condition. I suggest consulting a dermatologist for a more qualified opinion. You can locate one in your area on the American Academy of Dermatology website: Find a Dermatologist. Their site also contains a lot of information regarding various skin conditions that you might find useful.

To reduce discomfort, you may want to switch to briefs if you currently wear boxer shorts. Boxers are much looser in the crotch area which unfortunately can cause excessive rubbing on the penis. James, I understand how stressful something like this can be and I'm glad to see that you've kept your sense of humor. If you're persistent and keep looking for answers I'm certain you'll find a solution to the problem!

Recently I have noticed two, slightly oval shaped dark spots on top of my penis head. They do not itch or hurt, and some days are darker than others, but I've never had this before.

I'm monogomous, married for 20 years, and completely clueless; any ideas what this might be?

Hi Bill. There's really no way to perform a proper diagnosis over the Internet so I would suggest you consult your doctor. From your description it doesn't sound like warts, herpes or any other type of STD and it could just easily be normal spots that develop with aging. Again, you should probably check with a physician to be on the safe side.

HEllo. Us young guys can be do some wierd things. I used shampoo to masterbate, and to my dismay, I passed out after cleaning myself off. The next few days, a some what "iceing" or "fine crackling, glaze" layer was left on my penis. Every time my foreskin moved, it would flake the layre of glaze. However, its not coming off. I'm not sure if its the shampoo at this point or the skin itself. I have showered, may times, and the skin softens when I wet it. But it hardens up again. I'm not sure if this is reaction to the shampoo, or the shampoo itself refusing to come off. My testical skin has also come glazed. I had used mosterizor, but it help only a little. Should I just keep treating, as it seems the skin is for some reason dehyrodated?

Hi Brocke. It certainly sounds like the skin became dried out because of the shampoo. I would think that applying a moisturizer for a week or so should help. If the dryness doesn't go away then you may want to check with a doctor. You may have had an allergic reaction to some chemical within the shampoo itself so I would definitely avoid it in the future.

Hi, I am 32 years old and I've been masturbating ever since my teens. I still do masturbate maybe 5 times a week. I have a HUGE sex drive but lately (8months ago), I noticed my penis isn't responding as it did when I was younger. Sometimes it feels kinda numb to the touch but I do get nocturnal erections and do get aroused from time to time BUT the erections are not AS hard. Also, I noticed that the quality of my ejaculate isn't AS great, in other words it's too watery. Can you please help me with some information regarding my condition? Thanks

Hi James. It's common for men to experience weaker erections as they grow older. There are however certain things you can do to help prevent it such as pelvic floor exercises. Programs such as PenisHealth will teach you these specific types of techniques which help to both strengthen and enlarge the penis.

In regards to your ejaculate, you may wish you try semen enhancement supplements, also called semen volumizers. These specially formulated capsules are designed to increase both ejaculation quantity and quality.

While these natural methods have been used effectively by many men to improve penile functioning, the only real way to diagnose your condition is to visit a doctor. Besides, it's always a good idea to get regular checkups!

There is an inflammation or puffiness at the tip of my penis head. The puffiness has the image of a semi large vein going from one side to the other. Not painful and it feels normal.

Hi Curt. Without a proper physical examination it's impossible to know what's causing it. I suggest you have your doctor take a look at it.

I have always had diminished pleasure sensation in the penis. I can still ejaculate but the pleasure is not as intense as it seems to be in other guys that I talk to. Even when I masturbate, its all right. I have been researching this to no avail. Could there be nerve damage. What types of tests are there to see what I am experiencing is normal? I have always heard that oral sex was incredible, and when I get it, its alright. Again, I can't feel the warmth or wetness of the mouth or vagina.

Hi my name is robby and i am 21 years old...i had a injury occur around my penis and now i have like a patch of soft skin under my penis when erect going from the scotrum to almost the head of the penis..a long line of soft skin somewhat hanging right under my penis..its not really visible but if u were to put ur hand there u would definetly notice the abnormal soft skin under the penis while penis also gets very cold at night and sometimes at day...when i urinate i the force seems to have decresed just a little..and when i am erect i have recently noticed i have lost ALOT of sensitivity but i can still keep up a erection...could it be nerve dmg caused by the soft skin?i was wondering does urethra strictures cause nerve damage? because there is a chance i may have that...or maybe its a small case of peyronie disease but my penis isnt bent or anything....i am just scared mainly that it is permanent nerve damage but the thing is i have had this patch of skin for a while now(months) but only recently i noticed the change in sensitivity..could the skin be causn the loss all of a sudden or?

this is robby again..i also noticed when i urinat.i can feel the urine flow out of my body when i touch the same place where the soft tissue appears under my erect penis....and its only in that area where the soft skin is where i can feel the urine flow out of my body...this is right under my penis where the urethra is...and also my semen is yellowish which has never happened before in my entire life...

Hi JS,

I've never experienced your problem but I have spoken to men with similar circumstances. While there is a possibility of nerve damage, only a qualified physician would be able to diagnose it. There are however a few things you may wish to try:

1) Increasing your ejaculate volume and intensity. There are certain herbal supplements specifically designed to increase semen amount. Although this won't have an effect on tactile sensation, it will help to increase the amount of pleasure you experience by prolonging ejaculation. In other words your orgasm will be much stronger and longer in duration. VolumePills is one such supplement that is known for it's effectiveness.

2) Topical gels. You can also experiment with various lubricants that contain ingredients to enhance stimulation. Durex has a product line called "Play" which includes both "warming" and "tingling" pleasure-enhancing lubricants. I use both of these products and I find they really do help increase sensitivity and the amount of pleasure I get from sex. You can find them at most supermarkets or pharmacies - I usually buy it from my local CVS.

I hope this information helps!

Hi Robby,

There's really no way of telling what your problem might be until you get checked by a doctor. They should be able to properly diagnose your condition and treat it. If you don't have a family physician to consult, you can always stop by a local health clinic for professional advice.


From June 28th – July 5th my fiancée and I had very aggressive sex a couple times a day for 7 days straight during our trip to Thailand. We hadn’t had sex in 4 months but I masturbated a few times a week during the 4 months. Around the 5th day I noticed a burning sensation when I urinated. We both are STD free, and now 11 days later from our first aggressive sexual encounter, the problem persists when I urinate and the opening to my penis is read and a bit swollen. Any suggestions as to the issue?


Hi Bryan,

There are far too many possibilities to hazard a guess. It might even be related to your actual stay in Thailand. I suggest you consult a doctor as soon as possible. You might also find the information at this link helpful: Urination pain.

hello i noticed earlier yesterday my penis was a little bigger than it is i paid no attention to it as the day went on i went to the restroom at work in seen this large soft non pain lump under the head of the penis the rest of the penis was swollen also so was the sack i came home in sat in a tub of hot water today the swelling went down a great deal but the knot is still present just not as big can you please help i been having the same sex partner for 8yrs abd we dont have sex all the time help me please im worried

Hi gjc,

The only way to determine the exact cause of the swelling is to have yourself examined. I suggest visiting your doctor who will be able to diagnose your condition properly.

My son is 16 and we just got back from the beach and a 13 hour car ride. He said is ball and penis is pale, cold and tingling. Could it be from the long car ride or any other ideas?

Hello Connie. It's certainly possible that such a long trip is responsible for his condition. If he was sitting for an extended period of time in such a way that his testicles and/or penis was compressed then he may have cut off circulation. Of course if he experiences this sensation for any length of time then it's best to seek medical attention to be on the safe side.

hello, i am an 18 year old boy with a girlfriend of the same age. about a month ago she damaged the shaft of my penis while attempting to pleasure me with her hand. she was too rough however and tore the skin, where a scab eventually developed on the shaft. the scab is now a scar, and i am not feeling aroused nearly as often, nor can i have sex most of the time (erectile dysfunction). what is wrong with me? is it nerve damage? and will i get better?

Hi James,

The skin on the penis is very sensitive so wounds such as cuts can be easily aggravated and take some time to completely heal. Unless it was a very deep puncture it probably didn't damage the actual nerves. If you continue to experience problems you should definitely visit your doctor for a full diagnosis and treatment.

I recently started having sex with my girlfriend and during a night of rough intercourse I think I may have got injured. On the side of the shaft closest to the head of my penis there is what looks like a swollen vein. Part of the area around this is very red and sensitive and there is even dark spots that look like blood under the skin. I think I may have broken a blood vessel but when I get an erection this swollen area also swells to noticeable size. I don't believe my girlfriend has any STD's since we have had sex before this. She is also on birth control and I am not sure if I may be allergic to that.
Any help at all will be great! Thanks!

Hi John,

Injuries to the penis sustained during intercourse are probably more common than most people think. When the penis is fully engorged with blood, any sort of forceful impact that might cause the shaft to bend can result in damage to the sensitive tissues.

Sometimes over time these injuries heal by themselves but it depends on the severity of the damage. There's really no way to diagnose your condition without a full examination. If it persists or gets worse, I strongly urge you to seek medical attention.

hi, my name is chris. i just went on a long bike (approx 28) miles roundtrip in about 40 degree weather with a considerable amount of wind. when we stopped to turn around though, the entire head of my penis felt numb and a looked pale. when i finally made it back home, i took a long hot shower, regained feeling in my numb fingers and toes, but i think the head of my penis is still numb. the color of it is normal now i think, but it is unresponsive to the touch. could this be from sitting on a bike seat for 2-3 hours, or nerve damage from the cold? i do not know whether to go to the doctor or not so please let me know asap. thank you.

Hi Chris,

Prolonged contact with a hard bicycle seat combined with cold weather conditions can have a definite impact on the penis. Even under normal conditions, standard bicycle seats exert tremendous pressure on the genitals which can interfere with proper blood circulation (you can read more about this here - Bicyle Seats and Erectile Dysfunction). The addition of cold temperatures and wind chill can further traumatize the already sensitive penis. While the penis will normally recover once no longer subjected to these stressful conditions, if your symptoms persist then I strongly recommend you consult a physician.

i recently had sex with my girlfried we were going at it aggresively and i tore the the thin skin attached to my head and shaft. Mind you that im not circumsized it bled for a while then stopped. Its fine it hurts a little but its only been 24 hours. i am making sure i clean it so it wont get infected will everything be ok?

Hi Andrew,

I've heard of similar types of accidents before and usually it does heal with time but it depends on the severity of the wound itself. It's a good idea to keep it clean and also to take it easy for a little while so you don't re-injure yourself. If you have any concerns then you should of course seek medical attention if it doesn't seem to be healing or the condition is getting worse.

hi, my name is myrio i had been masterbating 2 to 3 times a day for about 3 day then one day when i ejaculated i felt a pain in the right side of the head of my penis the sperm coming out did not hurt but i felt an electric type pain it has been hurting for 4 days now sometimes light sometimes intense and i feel a pain in my right thigh and big toe somtimes could this be major

hi this is myrio again i just wanted to say there is no visible difference in the way my penis looks but of course it wont get hard as easily

Hi Myrio,

You would need to consult with a doctor in order to discover the cause of your problem. It's probably wise to refrain from masturbating or any type of sexual activity until you are professionally diagnosed.


hello i was wondering because my penis seems to be very small when not erected but when it is erected it is like almost 3 times my normal non erect size any ideas

Hi Ian,

It's perfectly normal. When it comes to penis size, men are often put into one of two categories - "showers" or "growers". Showers usually appear larger while flaccid (soft, non-erect) but when they become hard it doesn't really change in size too much. Growers on the other hand will appear small when flaccid but the penis appears to grow significantly when erect. You are a grower and there's nothing wrong with that!

Hello, about two weeks ago I was on a date with a girl. When we got back to her place she started giving me a handjob, and a day later I noticed a purple bruise on my shaft with a white spot in the middle. I had noticed she was a bit rough but didn't want to stop her. I've been to a few websites and I think it is a burst blood vessel, what kind of doctor should I go to. The urologist told me that I can go in in 2 weeks but a dermatologist told me in 3 days. Could a dermatologist accurately diagnose me or should I see a general physician?

Hi John,

Your dermatologist should be able to accurately diagnose the condition. If they are unsure then I'm sure they will recommend that you get it checked by your physician. It may be nothing to worry about but at least you'll be able to rest easier the sooner you find out!

I recently tried stretching my penis. I pulled too hard and have visible stretching at the head of my penis. Now it does not get as hard as it used to and I cannot maintain an erection. Have I permanently damaged my penis? What can be done to fix my problem. Please help.

The penis is pretty resilient so it will most likely recover with time. Do not perform any more stretching or anything that will stress the soft tissues. It's always important to follow a complete routine that will show you the proper way to exercise the penis in a safe and effective way.

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