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List of medical penis disordersThe penis can be affected by several different disorders ranging in severity from swelling to nerve damage and impotence. Men experiencing these problems should always consult a licensed physician for proper diagnosis and treatment. Below are a few of the best known medical disorders that can affect the male sexual organ.

Penile Oedema

One of the more common disorders of the penis, called Oedema, is characterized by a swelling of the foreskin. Penile Oedema is often caused by excessive sexual activity, including masturbation. This is usually not a severe condition as long as the foreskin remains in it's normal position and blood flow is not obstructed. If swelling persists, however, a doctor should be consulted as this may point to chronic heart disease.


Paraphimosis (also called capistration) is a condition in which the prepuce, after having been retracted behind the glans penis, is constricted and does not return to it's forward position. This disorder generally occurs due to fluid trapped in the foreskin and can be the result of intense sexual activity. It is often temporary but if it persists for several hours a physician should be contacted.

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's disease is a disorder that is characterized by a curvature of the penis caused by the build up of fibrous scar tissue. While surgery may be necessary to correct this condition, in some cases the use of special traction devices has been shown to be effective in straightening the penis. Read "Peyronie's Disease: Is surgery the only option?" for more information.

Pudendal Nerve Damage

The pudendal nerve, as it relates to the external genital organs, is sometimes subject to damage due to accidents or even from sitting on hard bicycle seats for extended periods of time. It is characterized by pain while sitting and a numbing of the genitals. This condition should not be confused with the loss of sensation caused by permanent nerve damage associated with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy.


Priapism is a painful medical condition characterized by a persistent erection of the penis which is not related to sexual arousal. Complications from priapism can include ischaemia, thrombosis and impotence. Although less common, severe cases of this condition can result in gangrene which would make amputation of the penis necessary.


Now commonly called "erectile dysfunction", impotence is probably the best known of all penis disorders. Impotence is the inability to reach or maintain an erection and is increasingly common in men over the age of 40. While not a life-threatening condition, impotence does effect sexual performance and can have serious psychological implications.

The penis disorders listed above are just a few of the medical conditions related to the male genitalia. As always, consult your physician if you think you might be experiencing any problem associated with your penis.

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Monday, June 18th, 2007


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