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penis injection reportFor the vast majority of men looking to increase the size of their penis, penile enlargement surgery remains a mostly non-viable option. In addition to being cost-prohibitive (penile surgery can run into the thousands of dollars), it also poses the risks and dangers inherent to all surgical procedures including, but not limited to, excessive blood loss and possible infection. As if this wasn't enough to dissuade most potential candidates, new evidence now suggests additional unforeseen complications that can arise after the completion of an otherwise "successful" operation has been conducted.

Girth Injections: Post-Op Complications

A new report published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine outlines some of the delayed complications associated with one surgical method of girth enlargement. This particular procedure involves injecting either fat or synthetic materials directly into the penis in order to increase the thickness of the shaft.

While this method of penis girth augmentation is not entirely new, the long term effects this type of operation has on the body are still not well understood. The above mentioned report documents one patient's experience with injection therapy and the resulting deformed subcutaneous mass that had to be excised from his penis.

Known Complications

  • Foreign body migration
  • Granulomatous reaction
  • Resorption of tissue

Although this specific patient's condition was successfully corrected (i.e. the mass removed), his story still serves as a stark reminder of just how fragile and susceptible the human body is. Injecting external substances into the body in order to increase penis size is both dangerous and foolish. Not only does it put your health at risk, the possible side effects could potentially endanger your life itself.

Even with all the risks involved, it's a sad fact that every year sees a new group of men undergoing surgical penis augmentation. Most simply don't understand the ramifications or are unaware of other alternative natural therapies.

In reality, increasing girth (thickness) through the use of a specialized penis extender device is a far less intrusive solution, infinitely cheaper to accomplish and poses no extreme health risks whatsoever. You can learn more about the fundamentals of this process in our article entitled "How Penis Extenders Increase Width."

It is my hope that in the future more men will explore their options before committing to drastic procedures such as penile injection therapy. Could you live without your penis? Ask yourself that before you decide to go under the knife because that could very well be the consequence of your actions.

Delayed Complications of Gel Injection for Penile Girth Augmentation / DOI 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2009.01262.x

Posted by PRS
Friday, May 1st, 2009


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