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Penile SystemFor those men experiencing severe symptoms of erectile dysfunction where medications or other types of treatment prove ineffective or unsuitable, a last resort often involves the use of surgically implanted penile prosthesis devices. While penile implants have been shown to help in a large percentage of these cases, one common complaint is the accompanying decrease in overall penis size. Some researchers now suggest a possible remedy to the resulting dissatisfaction with penis size experienced after penile prosthesis implantation may involve the utilization of additional surgical augmentation techniques.

Penis Surgery

The decision to undergo any form of penile surgical procedure is not one to be made lightly. It should involve consulting with a qualified medical practitioner who is able to diagnose your condition and explain all the advantages, disadvantages and possible complications. That said, penile surgery is sometimes the only option available when less invasive medical treatments have been exhausted.

Understanding Penile Prostheses

A penile prosthesis is a surgically implanted device sometimes used in the treatment of medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction, penile trauma (accidental or intentional) and Peyronie's disease. The purpose of these devices is to artificially simulate an erection sufficient for penetration and sexual intercourse in cases where this would not normally be possible.

Types of penile implants:

  • Rigid Prosthesis - an implant that is permanently erect
  • Malleable/Semi-Rigid - these implants can be manually adjusted and bent into position
  • Inflatable/Hydraulic - prostheses that operate through cylinders inserted into the penis which can be inflated or deflated on demand

While mechanical failure and certain complications including infections, erosion and urethral injury have been noted in the past, newer penile prosthesis technology has helped to create a safer and more effective device. These advances, however, do not address one of the major complaints commonly associated with their usage, namely that of a loss in penis size.

Penile Implants and Penis Size

Even though penile implants work to effectively produce "erections", their use does not have an effect on the glans itself. During a normal erection, the glans (penis head) hardens and swells in size which aids in penetration. Intercourse is often made more difficult without the help of this natural process.

Another side effect of using a penile prosthesis is that artificial erection size is generally smaller than that of a normally functioning penis. In general, men lose approximately 1-2 cm (.25-.75 in) in length as the penis is unable to achieve the rigidity of a naturally occurring erection. The combination of these factors is what often leads to a lowered level of satisfaction among penile implant recipients.

The Use of Penile Augmentation Surgery

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that one way to counter the dissatisfaction experienced by penile prosthesis patients is by employing various augmentation techniques.

In a trial consisting of eighteen patients, eleven men underwent various surgical augmentation procedures (the remaining seven had their complaint relieved by counseling and the administration of PDE5 inhibitors). Of these eleven patients, two had elongation, girth augmentation, and glans injection; six had elongation and girth augmentation; and two had elongation and glans injection. With the exception of one patient who suffered graft loss, all patients indicated increased levels of satisfaction after the procedures were completed.

At the end of the study the researchers concluded:

"Implantation of a penile prosthesis may improve penile rigidity, yet may confound couple's satisfaction with penile size to variable degrees. Sex education may alleviate those concerns. In refractory cases, penile augmentation may enhance phallic size and increase patient/partner satisfaction."

Source:Journal of Sexual Medicine / DOI 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2010.01723.x

For these men, surgical penis augmentation proved to be an effective means to remedy their displeasure with penis size. Their particular experience however should not be considered an endorsement of penis surgery for the singular use of increasing penis size.

In this case, specific circumstances precluded these men from employing any other means of natural penis enlargement. Undergoing penile augmentation surgery for the simple sake of vanity, where a man has an otherwise normally functioning penis, still remains a method in which the risks far outweigh the benefits.

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Friday, March 12th, 2010


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