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Penis InjectionsAs much as medical science has advanced over the years, penis enlargement surgery remains a risky procedure that is fraught with many dangers and potential post operation complications. This is true of all penis augmentation procedures even when the most qualified of surgeons is performing the operation. It is therefore almost mind-boggling to learn that there are men who not only decide to undergo penile surgery but who actually attempt to operate on themselves! As crazy as this sounds, there are reports of men performing what can only be called "self-surgery" on their own penises.

Penile Self-Surgery

Self-mutilation may be a more accurate description for this disturbing practice. According to an article published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, there have been several reported cases of men injecting fillers into their penis in an attempt at do-it-yourself penile augmentation.

The product, marketed under the name "1Super Extenze" (not to be confused with the Extenze Pills of TV infomercial notoriety), is apparently a composition of mineral oil and vitamin E which is designed to be injected directly into the penis. This can obviously lead to all sorts of medical problems, not to mention disfigurement, which then requires additional surgical intervention to repair.

"Injection of '1Super Extenze' into the penile shaft results in sclerosing lipogranulomas, which can cause severe sexual and urinary complications. Surgical resection of all grossly involved tissue with appropriate reconstruction can mitigate these problems. This series supports previous recommendations in the literature that men should avoid the use of non-medical foreign bodies and fillers as means of penile augmentation."

Source:Journal of Sexual Medicine / DOI: 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2010.01980.x

Penis Injections

You may be wondering why any man would willingly inject a foreign substance into his own penis. The truth is that this type of treatment is in fact already used in some surgical penis augmentation procedures. It is primarily used for girth enlargement and involves the injection of fat or synthetic compounds into the penis in order to increase its thickness.

Keep in mind, even when performed in a sterile environment under professional supervision this type of treatment can still be dangerous. With cases of severe post-op complications being reported after having undergone penis girth injections, this specific procedure is certainly nothing to take lightly. It's also not to be attempted by self-proclaimed amateur surgeons looking for a quick fix to increase the size of their penis!

The unscrupulous behavior and negligence exhibited by the manufacturers of these self-injection kits is absolutely appalling. They cunningly appeal to those men seeking an easy solution to penis enlargement by using half-baked medical concepts to lure in trusting customers.

Let me be straightforward here - Injecting mineral oil into your penis will not increase its size. It can however lead to serious medical complications resulting in penile deformity or worse.

Whether performed by a surgeon or self-administered, penis enlargement injections remain a dangerous and unreliable practice. There are already several effective and safe home treatments that can significantly improve penis size and which won't compromise your health. Remember you only have one penis... don't take unnecessary risks that you will come to regret later!

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Friday, September 3rd, 2010


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