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Surgeons ScalpelMany men are obsessed when it comes to the size of their penis. Even though there is nothing physically wrong with it they still wish they had a larger one. More and more frequently men are turning to penile enlargement surgery in hopes of curing what they consider to be a depressingly cruel genetic circumstance.

While most of us would probably shudder at the prospect of having a surgeons blade at our most precious of possessions, there is no shortage of men willing to undergo surgery just for the chance that it will help them improve their sex life.

Traditionally, penile augmentation surgery uses the technique of removing fatty tissue from an area of the patients body and re-inserting that fat into the penis. Often these fat cells are taken from grafts from the patients buttocks. What most don't realize is that over time the increase in size they had obtained is likely to diminish as the fatty tissues are reabsorbed back into the patients own body.

While there have been some advancements made in penile surgery techniques, there still are a number of problems often associated with it. Some times lumps are formed in the penis do to the migration of fat. Instead of the results hoped for, a man may find that fat injections create lumpy, asymmetrical and unappealing results. Injected fat can migrate to surrounding areas and cause the penis to appear misshapen.

Penis shortening can also happen when scar tissue forms after the operation and begins to toughen and shrink. Sometimes the penile supporter, called the suspensory ligaments are severed to make the penis "appear" to hang longer and this can result in a downward pointing erection. Being under a general anesthetic for a long period of time also incurs certain risks, not to mention excessive bleeding and possible infection. After all these potential risks, probably the least of your worries should be the price tag associated with it which happens to run upwards of $8000. So many "cons" and not a "pro" in sight!

With so many alternative methods that are infinitely safer and less expensive, why would any man subject himself to such a procedure? Some of the newest natural methods of penis enlargement like exercise techniques (or "traction devices" for the more stalwart) are certainly better options than surgery. These are not overnight miracle cures and you won't go to sleep and wake up with a new penis... but you also don't have to worry about waking up to a nightmarish disfigurement! Maybe someday someone will invent a thing that instantly grows your member but for now hard work, dedication and patience is the surest and safest bet if you want a bigger penis.

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006


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