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Surgical ProcedureWhile there has been some advancements made in the field of phalloplasty, also called cosmetic penile enhancement or penis augmentation surgery, it still remains a very controversial method of penis enlargement due to the unpredictable results and high risks involved.

Basically phalloplasty consists of two separate procedures: one to increase the length of the penis and another to increase the girth or thickness.

Surgical lengthening of the penis is accomplished by cutting the ligament that supports erections. This allows the penis to extend forward and outward, exposing some of the penis that is normally hidden inside the body. The downside of this procedure is that the ligament which forces the penis to point upward in a normal erection can no longer do so and erections will then point downward.

Increasing penile girth surgically, on the other hand, is a much more complicated process. Girth, or thickness, is increased through several types of procedures including Alloderm Graft, Fat Transfer, and Dermal Augmentation. These methods involve harvesting fat cells or strips of tissue from other parts of the body and inserting or grafting this flesh directly to the penis.

It should be noted that these techniques often bring about unwanted complications and side effects. These may include infections, bleeding, bruising, painful scarring, reduced angle of erection making the penis susceptible to injury, re-absorption of fat cells leading to penile shortening, asymmetry and deformities, soft erections, permanent numbness, loss of sexual function, and impotence.

Aside from the inherent dangers and risks involved with phalloplasty, penile surgery is also very expensive. The costs associated with these various types of cosmetic penis augmentations can run anywhere from $3,000 to as much as $10,000.

Further complicating the issue, many times the size gained from surgery may be lost as a result of post-operative complications or improper post-operative care. Sometimes men who have had unsuccessful procedures will end up spending large sums of money on further cosmetic surgery in an attempt to restore their penis, oftentimes without success.

It is always advisable to seek out a natural method of enlarging your penis before committing to phalloplasty. While natural penis enlargement may be a more involved and time consuming solution, it is a far less expensive and infinitely safer route.

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Saturday, July 22nd, 2006


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