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Man Checking TimeHow long does it take a man to recover after ejaculating before he is ready and/or able to ejaculate again? While there is no absolute answer to that question, there are a number of determining factors that directly influence the length of time necessary between successive ejaculations. In this article we'll examine what some of those factors are and possible ways to improve the sexual experience by reducing that period of recovery.

The Refractory Period

Technically speaking, the time directly after ejaculation during which it is impossible to achieve additional orgasms is known as the "refractory period." If you've ever experienced an orgasm then you know exactly what this is. In simple terms it means that you lose your erection and (usually) the desire to continue sexual activities for a certain period of time -- this is not necessarily a predetermined outcome as we'll soon discuss.

The Age Factor

Age is one of the main factors that determines how long a man must wait before he is able to ejaculate again. In general, the younger you are the faster you're able to recover. Men in their sexual prime, usually considered to be between the ages of 18-22, can often ejaculate within 15 minutes of previous release. As we age our bodies usually become less responsive and it may take up to as long as several hours before we're capable of reaching orgasm again.

Arousal and Abstinence

While aging is a process that none of us control, there are other more tangible influences that directly impact our ejaculation experience; namely arousal and abstinence.

The extent to which you are aroused (excited, horny) can have a lasting effect on your sexual performance. If you're with someone who really has you turned on then the act of ejaculation may not necessarily signal the end of intercourse. Don't forget that the brain is the largest sexual organ in the body and it can often override any physiological limitations we may normally experience. Although it's not the most common response, maintaining an erection after ejaculation and continuing to have sex until a second orgasm occurs is not unheard of.

An important factor that often determines our level of arousal is how long it's been since our previous sexual experience. If the period of abstinence between ejaculations is long, it's likely that a new experience will be extremely intense. There's also a good chance that your heightened libido will have been working overtime and semen production will have increased.

Amount of Ejaculate

The volume of semen that is ejected from the penis during ejaculation can vary considerably. It can be affected by your level of arousal, the amount of time that has passed since previous ejaculation and even the duration of stimulation leading up to ejaculation. When there is a greater amount of semen produced in the body, there are more contractions and the act of ejaculating is prolonged. It can also mean that even after the final contraction, your body may still retain a significant amount of fluid available for additional discharge. This may be represented by a feeling of heaviness within the testicles.

It should be noted that there are also commercially available products known as "semen volumizers" which are designed to increase the amount of ejaculate produced. While many use these herbal supplements purely as an aid to increasing ejaculate volume, they indirectly help increase the intensity of ejaculation as well as speed up recovery time.

There are many different areas of penis enhancement. Some men focus on enlargement of the penis while others seek to prolong intercourse or improve performance. The ability to shorten the length time from one ejaculation to the next and thereby extend the pleasure of each experience is yet one more important aspect of sexual self-improvement.

Posted by PRS
Friday, August 7th, 2009


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