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Woman Smelling ManOne of the primary benefits touted by natural penis enlargement systems, aside from the obvious one of increased size, is that of a reported boost in self-confidence. While it may seem a foregone conclusion that a man with a larger penis will exhibit greater confidence levels thereby improving his odds of mating success, the way in which a man outwardly portrays himself is really just one component in determining overall sexual attractiveness. Far less obvious than visual cues but equally significant, the scent a man exudes has also been shown to play a role in how he is perceived by potential mates.

Scent-Based Attraction

Both men and women each broadcast a unique odor print that lets possible partners determine suitability. This barely detectable scent, not to be confused with the body odor generated by bacteria, is actually an outward manifestation of immune-system genes called human leukocyte antigens, or HLA's. It is this particularly subtle odor signature that allows a bloodhound to distinguish one individual from another. As it turns out, women are also quite adept at picking up these signals.

Her Nose Knows

When it comes to distinguishing smells, it appears that women are far superior to men. This is not due to any actual biological differences. In fact, both sexes share the exact same physiological wiring. Instead it seems women are simply better at extracting specific information from scent. This inherent talent stems from a female's ability to gather and process information from a more emotional perspective. While men in general tend to suppress and ignore emotional indicators, women instead focus on them.

The underlying mechanism which allows for this transfer of information is powered by the chemical molecules known as pheromones. These pheromones dictate a behavioral response between individuals of the same species. For those that are more attune to detecting them, such as females, they also convey mood.

Your Smell Communicates Your Mood

If a man is experiencing stress, a woman will know. If he's feeling confident and self assured, that too will be conveyed through the unspoken communication of scent. Oddly enough, while women can effectively mask their own scent with perfumes and fragrances, the same is not true for men. Even when covered with strong cologne a woman can still detect the underlying odor of a man.

Not too surprisingly, women are generally more attracted to men who broadcast confidence. Although this in itself is no real indicator of penis size, it may be that women subconsciously associate confidence with sexual prowess. Research has shown that well-endowed men do tend to display a greater amount of self-assurance.

While this is in no way a determination that women can somehow "smell" how large a man's penis is, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests the female predilection for detecting emotional cues. Since women are attracted to confident men, utilizing a penis enlargement solution that results in elevated confidence levels is a valuable asset for any man.

The benefit of increased confidence that comes from practicing penis enlargement methods is not to be underestimated. If anything, this byproduct of increased penis size should be considered one of the main objectives. A large penis may be the desired end result but the ultimate goal remains increased desirability and sexual attraction. While confidence can be faked, women have a peculiar ability to "sniff out" the truth.

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Thursday, September 24th, 2009


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