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erotic sensitivity studyThe male body contains many sexually sensitive areas, or erogenous zones, that serve to stimulate the sex drive and enhance pleasure. While the amount of pleasure experienced with the stimulation of each area varies from one man to the next, there are certain locations on the body that tend to rank higher than others in terms of overall sexual satisfaction. One recent study published in the British Journal of Urology attempts to gauge the amount of genital sensitivity experienced by men in order to rank these specific erogenous zones.

Genital Sensitivity Study

Encompassing a small sampling of healthy and sexually active men ages 22-64, the BJUI Study concluded that the stimulation of the following areas of the body provided the most sexual satisfaction. These areas are ordered by degree of erotic pleasure from highest (most satisfaction) to lowest (least satisfaction):

  1. Underside of the glans (head of the penis)
  2. Underside of the penile shaft
  3. Upper side of the glans
  4. Left and right sides of the glans
  5. One or both sides of the penis
  6. Upper side of the penile shaft
  7. Foreskin
  8. Skin between the scrotum and anus
  9. Back side of the scrotum
  10. Front side of the scrotum
  11. Around anus

Other body parts that increased pleasure when stimulated included the ear, neck, breast/nipples, buttocks, inside of the anus, wrist and armpit area.

In addition to these findings, it was also observed that stimulation by a partner increased the amount of sexual pleasure over self-stimulation.

While these results by no means apply to all men, I personally think they are fairly consistent with own erotic sensitivity levels. How does this compare with your experience? Take a moment to vote on our poll below and let us know! You can also leave a comment if you'd like to share more about your own personal preferences.

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Friday, April 17th, 2009


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