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Anatomy drawing by Leonardo da VinciRecently a reader inquired about natural lateral leaning of the penis and the effect that traction devices would have on such a condition. While mechanical devices have shown to be greatly effective at correcting the penile retraction that results from peyronie's disease, Mike's question addressed an entirely different issue completely. That is, will such devices help to make the penis point more straightly forward when it's natural inclination is to lean left or rightwards?

The answer is yes, and no. These devices are designed to stretch and strengthen the penis by providing force along the length of the penis shaft. This by itself does not effect penis tilting or leaning which originates near the base of the penis. When used in conjunction with an exercise routine however (which by no coincidence is included with most legitimate systems), it is entirely possible to train the penis to align more parallel with the body while erect.

As you may be aware, penis extenders (traction devices) address two issues; increasing the size and strength of the penis and straightening the penis shaft. The constant and prolonged stretch forces the penis to adjust and grow based on the external stimulus. Because of the way it is constructed it does this in a linear (straight) fashion. And it does this effectively as documented in research papers:

Penile Retraction Study

But penile curvature (peyronies disease) is an unnatural bend within the penis shaft itself and is far different from the sidewards leaning that many men normally experience when having an erection. To prevent this from happening it is necessary to strengthen the entire penile region itself.

Penis exercises, as specialized techniques, help to naturally increase erection hardness and overall penis strength. The various stretching, bending, stroking and massaging actions ultimately influence all the sensitive tissues including those at the foundation of the penis shaft. And while it may not be intuitive, techniques performed in the flaccid state are just as important as those done while erect.

Systems that combine device and exercise enhancement methods (see SizeGenetics review) are in essence stimulating the penis from all conceivable angles. With regular training, all connecting regions will become stronger, the penis will naturally become larger and your actual physical control will increase greatly.

Posted by PRS
Thursday, August 30th, 2007


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