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Longneck woman from Paduang tribeOne of the less well-known methods of penis enlargement, as opposed to herbal supplements and exercises, is through the use of specially designed traction devices. The use of traction to increase the size of various body parts, however, is not a new concept and is in no way confined to the modification of the penis.

While there is no sure way of knowing when people actually started manually modifying the natural shape of the human body, we can be reasonably certain that it is a very old practice. Still today certain tribes in different countries use weights and other stretching methods to force parts of the body to increase in size and change in shape.

Very often body modification targets visible areas such as the ears, neck and lips. For example, women from the Paduang tribe in Thailand use metal rings that force their necks to grow and expand in length (see photo above). In other tribes, weights are hung from lips and special plates are inserted in ear lobes in order to effect specific change to those areas.

There is also a history of traction methods used by nomadic Arabic tribes specifically for the purpose of enlarging the penis. These early methods, however, relied mostly on the hanging of weights from the penis in order to increase it's size.

The practice of body enhancement relies on the basic principle that the human body will respond and adapt to external stimuli. Just as muscles can be worked by physical effort to become larger, so too can the tissues of the penis be made to expand in size by applying pressure over a period of time.

As times have changed, so too have the traction methods we've seen associated with penis enlargement. Scientists and researchers have now developed traction devices that are specifically designed to be worn on the penis and promote growth. These devices have replaced the use of hanging weights from the penis and are safer, more effective and far easier to implement.

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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

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[...] duplication has been used in many cultures around the world. For example, certain tribes have used traction body modification to stretch their lips, ears and even necks to amazing lengths. Within modern medicine it's also [...]

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