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penis piercing photo collectionThe act of body piercing is often thought to be a 20th century invention. In truth, it has been performed for thousands of years in numerous cultures around the world. One of the more exotic forms of this style of body modification includes the practice of penis piercing. While the reasons why men choose to adorn their genitals can range from a simple fashion statement to supposed sexual enhancement benefits, it does raise some issues regarding their compatibility with penis enlargement practices.

Natural methods of penis enlargement, whether they involve using penis supplements, enhancement patches or specialized devices, all call for a certain amount of 'hands-on' control. These manual exercises include all manner of stretching, milking and squeezing of the penis to provide stimulation and promote growth.

Even the use of equipment such as penis traction devices require some direct manipulation to ensure the penis is properly secured and aligned. For the large majority of men, the application of these techniques is simple and direct. This can be somewhat of a different story for those who have foreign objects protruding from their member.

Before we examine some of the various types of penis piercing styles and their implications on penis enlargement training, it should be mentioned that there are in fact many pierced men who do practice natural enlargement routines. It certainly requires that more attention be paid during sessions. Let's not forget that intercourse itself is quite stressing on the penis and these men seemingly have no difficulty in having sex.

Different Types of Penis Piercings

While little is actually known about the styles and methods employed by ancient practitioners, modern penis piercing techniques can range from simple to extremely intricate. Here are just a few of the different variations used by men today.

Pubic Piercing

Pubic piercing [Fig. 1] is performed at the base of the penis where it connects to the body. This type of piercing is often cited as a means to enhance stimulation of the female clitoris during sex.

Because of the placement of this piercing, it generally does not have an impact on enlargement practices.


The ampallang [Fig. 2], also known as a 'pallang', consists of a barbell-like piercing that penetrates the penis head horizontally and runs perpendicular to the urethra. In some cases two barbells are inserted in a 'double ampallang' [Fig. 3] configuration.

As this particular piercing is located away from the area where most training occurs, namely the penile shaft itself, it usually does not pose a problem for penis enlargement users.


The apadravya [Fig. 4] is the vertical equivalent of the ampallang. This method typically has the barbell traverse the head of the penis from top to bottom. If it is inserted through the body of the penis itself it is then called the 'shaft' or 'deep apadravya' [Fig. 5].

When inserted directly beneath the glans, it should not cause significant issues for most penis enlargement techniques. Placing it directly through the body of the penis can however impede certain stretching practices.

Prince Albert

One of the better-known penis piercings goes by the name 'Prince Albert' [Fig. 6]. This piercing consists of a ring that goes through the urethral opening and exits on the underside of the penis head. When the ring is reversed and exits through the top of the glans, it is called a 'Reverse Prince Albert' [Fig. 7].

Similar to the previous 'basic apadravya' style, this method should have minimum impact on enlargement routines.

Foreskin Ring

The foreskin ring [Fig. 8] is probably one of the more common penis piercings. In most cases the circular ring is simply threaded through the uncircumcised foreskin on one or both sides of the penis.

Care should be taken during certain milking techniques as the foreskin is very sensitive and can be easily irritated.


Dydoes [Fig. 9] are piercings that are inserted through the coronal ridge. They can involve either a single piercing or multiple piercings [Fig. 10] which encircle the head of the penis.

The majority of penis exercises can still be performed with special attention paid to the long downward strokes. It may interfere with certain penis extender designs that use a noose-like enclosure. Penis extenders that use 'comfort-strap' technology are recommended. For more information see "The Different Types Of Penis Extenders".


Frenum [Fig. 11] is the term given to piercings of the frenulum (the elastic band of tissue located under the penis head). If the frenum is repeated down the underside length of the penis it is called a 'frenum ladder' [Fig. 12]. When it repeats on the opposite side (top of the penile shaft), it is known as 'jacobs ladder'.

While a single piercing done at the frenulum is manageable for most penis enlargement methods, multiple rows of barbells is obviously quite a different case. Horizontal stretching motions, particularly those that require deep milking of both the flaccid and erect penis are almost impossible. Aside from completely removing the piercings prior to training, those men with this type of piercings are certainly going to have a difficult time with their training.

Final Thoughts

In all honesty, I really don't see the attraction in the practice of penis and genital piercing. That's just my personal opinion. To be fair, I also don't like to wear jewelry, watches or any other type of bodily adornment.

For me, the penis is a beautiful extension of our masculinity and the focus should always remain on improving it's strength and size. Clean, pristine and powerful, that's my philosophy... call me old fashioned!

Late mention: I have been informed by several advanced penis piercing practitioners that penis enlargement training is indeed possible, even for those with intricate frenum 'ladder-type' configurations.

The general consensus seems to indicate that while some penis exercises are difficult to perform properly, this does not preclude the use of penis extender devices that keep the penis stretched in a suspended position. As if SizeGenetics needed another reason for being the top-rated penis enlargement system available today! Great news, thanks guys!

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Posted by PRS
Thursday, June 26th, 2008

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12 Responses to "Effects of Penis Piercing on Enlargement Training"

I think that having the penis pierced is the way to go I have a lot in my penis and all the females who have seen them have being turned on . For real some hurt but that is to be expected .

I would like to pierce my tetical but Iuse a blood thinner and a asprin will that cause bleeding and is a insulin needle big enought to milk a testical.


Hi Robert,

I advise strongly against performing any sort of penis piercing without professional supervision. If you're having trouble locating an establishment that does this sort of work then you may wish to check with a local tattoo parlor. They should be able to refer you to someone reputable.

is it possible to get the "frenum" piercing with a foreskin penis?

Hi Hughe,

Most of the frenum type piercings I've seen were done on circumcised males. It's still possible however for men with foreskins to get one. Here's an example of an uncircumcised penis with a frenum piercing:

Hi. I was thinking about getting my member pierced. What I was wondering is, if I can get a Prince Albert and a foreskin piercing at the same time. Kind of man up and just get it over with..LOL.

Hey Big Harry,

I've seen some pretty intricate designs before so I don't see why it wouldn't be possible to get multiple penis piercings. Just make sure to find someone with experience before getting it done!


ok so i was thinking about getting my penis done, and well the problem is that i dont have a big penis... should that be a problem? and should i be embarrassed?

Hi Corey,

The penis comes in all different sizes and this should not affect your ability to get a piercing done. There is also nothing to be embarrassed about. The people who perform these types of piercings are accustomed to seeing penises all the time and I'm sure it's of no concern to them whatever size your penis may be.

The main question every man wants to know before he gets a piercing on his penis is.... what is the feeling the women gets while having sex? is it any better than before? and if your the type that likes having ruff sex is there any chance it can ripp off? and im curious out of five women how many enjoy the piercing?

so i have my frenum ladder done with 3 barbells in it, and i must say that i have had nothing but positive feedback. i have even noticed an increase in my sex drive. but the only time that it does hurt is when the female is realy tight or for prolonged intercoarse.
and to COREY, i have a very healthy sized penis but wen i got my penis pierced it all but disappeared!. from wat i hear it is very common to get"camera shy" wen your penis is out in a cold tatoo parlor with a huge needle staring it down. i wasnt emparessed at all because the artist that did mine said he sees that everytime.. good luck.

Fellas.. I have multiple piercings on my penis, and the ladies love them for sure. But a word of advice from a seasoned veteran: use a penis health creme that contains Vitamins A and E after any piercing down there. You need to keep the skin extra clean to keep it free of infection (Vitamin A) and also keep it moisturized so it doesn't dry out (Vitamin E) which it often does after a procedure like this. Trust me... I learned about this creme after some serious pain and discomfort. Now I know better, and so do you. Good luck guys!

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