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Penis Stretching Device DesignsIn the previous two articles we saw that stretching the penis has been a tradition practiced throughout history and across many different cultures. Although the basic concept is still the same even today, there has been some significant changes in the actual stretching methods used. In the late 20th century an evolution in the actual application of the principle of penile stretching began to take shape.

New Approaches to Penis Enlargement

The end of the last century brought about tremendous innovation in penile stretching and traction enlargement techniques. No longer were men limited to outdated and potentially dangerous methods of penis stretching such as those that required the use of weighted objects. Brand new approaches were devised that not only made it safer but also expanded the practice and made it more accessible to a larger percentage of the male population.

One of the very first endeavors to bring the practice mainstream was through the use of a device that incorporated a penis-stretching belt design.

Stretching-Belts for Penis Elongation

This particular invention was an early attempt to completely abandon weight-based stretching in favor of a safer and more practical method. It was actually a simple concept that employed a belt-like strap which attached to the penis and could be adjusted to stretch the flaccid penis laterally across the body.

In simple terms, imagine if you were wearing a belt around your waist and pulled your penis through the belt loop where it could be fastened and secured to one side. Obviously the mechanism is a bit more complex than this description implies since it requires a method of actually securing the penis against your body.

Although there are still penis stretching belts in production today, they have largely fallen out of favor due to their inherent limitations. Users often find them to be uncomfortable to wear and they can also cut off blood circulation to the penis if worn incorrectly or for extended periods of time.

Mechanical Penis Stretching Apparatuses

Over time it became more apparent that comfort and usability were key factors to the successful implementation of penile stretching. In order to adequately address these concerns, original designs were produced that would ultimately lay the foundation for modern day penis enlargement devices.

The most successful of these implementations, the mechanical penile stretching apparatus, was the first to re-imagine penis stretching using an entirely new approach. These devices employed the principle of "traction" through the use of adjustable telescoping rods.

This ingenious concept directly addressed some of the main issues regarding penis stretching, namely safety and usability. Not only did these devices reduce the level of risk associated with stretching the penis but they also proved to be significantly more practical in their use. In fact, the advanced penis traction extender devices of today are actually modified versions of this very same approach.

By the end of the 20th, advancements in the technology behind penis stretching was growing by leaps and bounds. This was evidenced by the number of new penis enlargement device patents that were being filed and recorded with patent offices.

The successors to these penile stretching apparatuses would continue to improve on important issues such as effectiveness and comfortability. Our next stop on the evolution of penis stretching will bring us to today's latest and most effective high-tech devices designed to naturally enlarge the penis.

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Thursday, April 4th, 2013


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