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Jealous ManWhy are some relationships full of love and trust while others are marred by insecurity and jealousy? Some men seem to be destined to sabotage something wonderful just because they can't seem to get over their own petty hang-ups. The following situation is probably not too uncommon among many men.

Ok, so you finally met the most wonderful girl in the world. She's beautiful and smart and you think about her constantly. But every time you go out with her you get annoyed because you notice other guys checking her out. You find yourself with your arm constantly wrapped around her in some sort of protective cocoon and casting angry stares at anyone with the nerve to glance her way. You watch her closely and if you think she's looking at another man you get painful stabs of jealousy. You call her constantly on the phone and if she doesn't answer your heart drops. She can't go out by herself or with friends without you thinking that she might be cheating on you.

This is the beginning of a sinking ship. You are so trapped by insecurity that you overcompensate with protectiveness. You find yourself constantly trying to win her attention by buying her gifts and taking her out to expensive dinners. What you'd really like to do is isolate her from the rest of the world so she has nothing with which to compare you by. This is borderline psycho-possessive and you're so wrapped up in it all that you can't even see it for yourself.

You really need to ask yourself where all the jealousy and insecurity comes from. For many men, a prior bad experience leaves them ultimately questioning love and loyalty. They want to make sure that it won't happen again while in reality they are ensuring it!

As ridiculous as it may sound, for a surprisingly large number of men, insecurity directly correlates to the size of their penis. The proliferance of the male enhancement market has not grown so dramatically over the years for a lack of men satisfied with the size of their member. So many men believe (falsely) that a larger penis would make them happier in a relationship. While there is something to be said for a large penis, and most women would probably agree with that, it absolutely has nothing to do with the successfulness of a relationship.

Another common reason involves jealousy of other men over money and possessions. Lots of guys feel disdainful or envious towards other men who they perceive to be better off then themselves. While everyone appreciates attention, having more money and showering the object of your affection with lavish gifts will really not make yourself more desirable or attractive. Well, to some it might but those types are not worth your efforts anyhow.

While it's not always easy to reign in your insecurity and keep jealousy in check, it's certainly a worthwhile endeavor. If you learn to have respect for yourself you can usually overcome these shallow issues. You should work to do something to improve your self-esteem like taking the time to learn new things or becoming more socially active. By improving yourself you will be improving your relationships. Most importantly, learn to treat her with the same amount of respect that you would like shown to you. Insecurities and jealousies can cloud your judgment but don't let them ruin your chance at a beautiful relationship.

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

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