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Online DatingThe topic of penis size, more precisely the question of it's actual importance, is something that is widely debated. While many polls have tried to determine the answer, the very nature of these surveys provide little in the form of empirical evidence. To get to the truth we must go beyond simply asking opinions and actually present choices in a real-world environment... or in this case, one that simulates that setting. To this effect I recently took part in an online experiment seeking to prove once and for all that penis size does indeed matter.

Women and Penis Size

If you want to know a woman's preference when it comes to penis size, you could always just ask. She may of course simply tell you whatever it is that she thinks you want to hear. To learn how she truly feels would require presenting her with actual options and then gauging her response.

Although in real life this isn't an easy task to accomplish, there is a popular online medium that would allow us to conduct this type of experiment. With millions of potential subjects available, the world of "Online Adult Dating" serves as an excellent avenue through which to determine popular opinion regarding the importance of penis size.

The Experiment

Since we are interested in determining if the size of the penis matters to women, I chose an online adult community that caters to those looking primarily for sex. The specific one I decided upon is hugely popular and has a membership base of over 30 million people. They also provide a convenient search function whereby preferred penis length and width could be specified.

Stage One - Creating a Profile

After joining the adult dating site I first created my personal "profile" - this contains basic information about me such as height, weight, race, location, sexual orientation and so forth. It basically serves as the entry point through which others could evaluate my suitability. As I referenced above, there is also an area entitled "Male Endowment" where individuals could specify their penis size. I initially left this section blank.

Over the course of a month I received about 200 profile "views" but only one actual response in the form of an inquiry: "You sound nice. What's the size of your dick?" Based on this sole feedback, I believed that the evidence I was searching for was at hand.

Stage Two - Revealing My Penis Size

At the start of the second month I updated my profile to include my penis measurements. The options available for penis length included short, average, long and very long. For penis width the options were thin, average, thick and very thick. I chose very long and very thick, respectively.

Almost immediately I noticed an uptick in the amount of profile views I was generating. Within the next 30 days I received roughly two dozen interested responses. While the majority of these contacts were women, I also received a few responses from men as well.

Stage Three - Penis Size Photo Verification

Having obviously generated increased interest based solely upon my "endowment" characteristics, I decided it was time to ratchet things up a notch. Being an adult community, members were allowed (even encouraged) to upload personal images to share with other users. Since many of the responses I received asked for photos I though it might be a good time to test what sort of reaction I would get from visual confirmation of my penis size.

I proceeded to add two pictures to my profile, one of my penis while flaccid and another while erect. The total amount of activity on my profile increased by about 500% with that simple inclusion! Not only was I getting hundreds of profile views, I was also receiving about 5 emails per day from interested individuals.

Results and Conclusion

Towards the end of this 4 month experiment I gradually reverted my profile back to it's original state. I removed the photos and the particulars of my penis size measurements. Those actions resulted in a decline of profile views and a subsequent loss of interest in my person.

My simple experiment proves without a doubt that penis size is an important consideration for those seeking sexual partners. The statistical improvement can only be attributed to the specifics of the information I supplied. When I revealed that I was a well-hung male, and later on provided evidence in the form of photos, the response I received skyrocketed. When I removed that information, interest fell.

While admittedly confined to the realm of "online adult dating", I believe that this experiment and the trending witnessed accurately reflects the majority opinion on penis size. When it comes to sex, and given an actual choice, most gravitate towards partners who are more well-endowed. Polls may remain the standard by which public opinion is judged but I think my experiment is far more telling.

In the end, does penis size really matter? You bet. This conclusion, while sobering to many, does not necessarily spell bad news for those men perhaps not as well equipped as others. Increasing the size of your penis can be accomplished in a safe and effective way, no surgery required. If you're interested in learning how you can increase both the thickness and length of your penis, please review our Recommended Methods of Penis Enlargement. It's never too late to start augmenting your size and the results are well worth the effort!

Posted by PRS
Saturday, October 17th, 2009


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