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Penis EnlargingIf you ask a man if he wishes his penis were larger, he might downplay the question and say he's already satisfied with his current size. Now if you tell that same man that he could add upwards of 2+ inches to the size of his penis within the next 6 months, his answer is probably going to be "Where do I sign up?!" The simple truth is that the vast majority of men will jump at the opportunity to increase the size of their penis. But what are the reasons why men actually want to enlarge their penis? In this article we'll look at the top 10 reasons for penis enlarging.

Reason #1: To Impress Women

Easily the biggest reason why men want to have a large penis is to impress the ladies. It's no surprise that most women find a large penis more attractive than a smaller one. There is no disguising the look of anxious pleasure on the face of a woman as she sees a long and thick penis revealed for the first time!

Reason #2: To Impress Other Men and Friends

A well-endowed man commands the respect of other men. When men see another man with a large penis, it's normal for them to be impressed and wish that their penis was just as big. If you're in the locker-room or shower and others see how large your penis is, their envy is usually very noticeable. In their minds you must be getting laid all the time having such an enormous tool!

Reason #3: To Have More Sex

Some people believe that having a large penis makes it easier to find women to have sex with. For the most part, that's true. Many women find the prospect of having sex with a man who is hung very enticing. This is especially true if her past experiences have only been with men who are small or average in size. Of course if you act like an idiot or a jerk you'll need a lot more than a huge penis to have any success!

Reason #4: To Make Sex More Enjoyable

Having a large penis is not just all for "show." While it may look great to have a long and fat penis, you shouldn't forget that there's an actual purpose for it, i.e. to have better sex. A large penis will improve the pleasure a man feels by providing a tighter fit in the vagina. Not only will this increase the amount of stimulation felt but it also allows the penis to go deeper so you can achieve maximum pleasure.

Reason #5: To Make Partners' Sex More Satisfying

We also must not forget that having a big penis is not only for our own benefit. Women are more sexually satisfied when a penis of bigger than average proportions is involved. Increased penis girth and length stimulates more areas within a female and produces heightened orgasms by stimulating the g-spot.

Reason #6: To Feel Like a Porn Star

If you've ever watched a porn movie (and who hasn't?), you'll notice that just about every male actor has an enormous penis. It's also pretty obvious that the women involved are usually very excited by it. When we watch these movies we imagine ourselves in those situations, having sex and hearing our partner moan in pleasure. Odds are that in real life it doesn't quite work out the same way. Now imagine that your penis is 8 or more inches in size - that is when fantasy meets reality. No longer are you wishing that you were the guy with the huge penis, YOU ARE the guy with the huge penis and you're in control of the action!

Reason #7: To Avoid Embarrassment

There's no feeling worse than seeing a look of disappointment on the face of your partner when your clothes come off. You want them to be excited and yearning for your penis, not wishing it were bigger. Not only can this be embarrassing, it can also distract you from performing properly and lead to issues like premature ejaculation or failure to become erect. No man wants to feel inadequate in the bedroom!

Reason #8: To Become More Confident

Having a large penis is a direct way to combat insecurity and embarrassment and increase confidence. Making your penis bigger is an incredibly effective way to deal with the stress and anxiety that can be caused by a small penis. Confidence is one of the first things women will notice about a man and it's usually what attracts them the most. Nothing gives a man more confidence than a big penis because it allows you to present yourself with a strong and self-assured attitude. You know what you're packing down there and you know it's what women crave! Woman can pick up on this feeling very easily.

Reason #9: To Dominate Sexual Partners

For many people, sex can become very ho-hum and repetitive. It can easily be boring when your partner simply lies there, barely feeling your penetration and waiting for you to finish. The same is not true when you have a monster-sized penis that makes them scream out in pleasure and beg for more! Most women like to be dominated in bed and nothing excites them more than the feeling of a huge penis repeatedly plunging into them over and over again.

Reason #10: To Improve Sexual Performance

Men who increase the size of their penis also experience some added benefits aside from just becoming bigger. Natural penis enlargement not only affects penis size but also improves sexual performance by promoting harder erections and increasing stamina. The entire process that allows you to add inches to your penis is in fact a method of conditioning and training that helps to elevate your sexual abilities. This combination of penis enlargement and sexual enhancement is what allows you to bring sex to a whole new level!

Method To Increase Your Penis Size Quickly

Whatever the specific reason for wanting a larger penis, the end result is really all that matters. If you want to personally experience having a penis that is longer and thicker then you'll need to focus on making it happen. To accomplish this you'll need to practice an effective method that actually works.

The most complete system of penis enlargement available today is from a company called SizeGenetics. It combines a uniquely designed penis extender device along with exercises and specially formulated enhancement pills to generate maximum results.

This exact system has been used by tens of thousands of men worldwide and was created for one single purpose - to allow men to increase both the length and thickness of their penis in the quickest amount of time possible. It's even covered by a full 6 month money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

For more details about this Complete System of Penis Enlargement, be sure to read our Full SizeGenetics Review.

There are many reasons that men want to enlarge the size of their penis. It's up to YOU to take the first step and make it a reality!

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Friday, July 16th, 2010

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