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Measuring Size on TVSociety's obsession with the penis, and in particular penis size, is becoming more apparent each and every day. All you have to do is turn on the television to be besieged with references to large male genitalia; some obscure, others not so much. In this age of constant advertising bombardment, it is important to recognize the enormity of influence this medium has over popular perception. Is the "bigger is better" mindset becoming ingrained in our culture?

Penis Size and "Popular Opinion"

When it comes to the topic of penis size, popular opinion is usually divided into two camps. Some feel that size doesn't matter and you should be content with what you have. Others feel that the size of the penis has a great impact on the quality of sex and is therefore quite relevant.

I personally agree with the latter opinion but I won't belittle those who feel otherwise. Maybe they have no experience with which to base their opinion on. Or perhaps they find the very thought that penis size matters to be threatening - either to themselves or to their partner(s).

While controversy remains over this extremely sensitive topic, it's becoming pretty clear what advertisers think about the subject. Their blatantly obvious reference to large penises is evident in the very commercials they broadcast each day.

Trojan's Invisible Giant Penis

Trojan, a leading providing of contraceptives, has a new condom commercial for it's Ecstasy brand. The commercial depicts a mime opening up a condom wrapper and applying the condom to an imaginary penis. If you've watched this ad then you may have noticed that when the condom is (supposedly) rolled on, the penis to which it is applied is enormous in size - almost ridiculously so! I know that mimes have a penchant for exaggeration but the size of that penis would put almost any man to shame.

The Sandwich/Size Wars

Another example of somewhat less obvious reference to penis size is apparent in what I like to call the "Sandwich Wars." This is the ongoing battle between fast-food giants Subway, Quiznos and most recently, Burger King.

Five dollar foot long? Unless you've been living under a rock, you've no doubt heard this catchy slogan before. I find it interesting how they emphasize the importance of size - complete with a few attractive women holding up their arms to illustrate length.

Not to be outdone, Quiznos quickly followed with their own "four dollar" foot long campaign. This commercial features a talking oven that wants Scott (the employee) to "put it in me." Disturbing really.

While the examples mentioned above might be considered subtle, Burger King has absolutely abandoned all efforts at discretion. Entertainment Weekly did a nice article on the Burger King Ad complete with a picture of the actual advertisement. Super seven incher? Are they selling a sandwich, a penis or the promise of oral sex? I can't tell.

HUNG - A New HBO Series

If you can't guess what the new HBO show entitled "Hung" is about, I'll give you a hint... think Large Penis. Ok, that's probably more then a hint. The lead role is played by a man who is exceptionally well endowed and decides to essentially market his "tool" for money.

Yep, a male prostitute. Correction, a male prostitute with an enormous penis which puts him in demand with all the ladies. Hell, women will even pay extra for a big one!

These were only just a few examples of penis size innuendo being used in mainstream marketing. I'm sure there are probably hundreds of others. The question is, just what are they trying to tell us?

If there is any sort of hidden meaning or agenda, I suspect they're appealing to the age old question of whether penis size matters. And judging by the content they broadcast, I believe they feel it does. I happen to agree... but I don't need them to remind me.

Posted by PRS
Saturday, June 27th, 2009


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