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size comparisonsAs most people can probably tell you, men are obsessed with the size of their penis and are always looking for ways to increase it. Every year the market for penis enlargement expands and new and more advanced solutions are developed. Penis enlargement patches, penis pills, traction stretching devices and enlargement exercises are just some of the natural methods more and more men are using to increase the size of their penises. Even penile augmentation surgery, with all of it's inherent dangers and risks, is growing in popularity as men strive to increase the length of their penis. But is the length of the penis the most important factor in increasing sexual pleasure? What about the the thickness or girth? Recent surveys among women show that the thickness of the penis may in fact be more consequential than the length itself.

One of the most often debated questions when discussing sexual relations is "Does penis size matter?" While the answer to this question is really based on personal opinion, a great majority of men and women undoubtedly believe that size does indeed matter. Men with larger penises are often regarded as more "manly" and better equipped to satisfy a woman sexually. The expression "bigger is better", while applying to many different topics is nonetheless ingrained in the mentality of modern society. While as far as penis size goes, this correlation primarily stems from male vanity, the fact is that a small penis is often equated to diminished masculinity, virility and very often associated with impotence.

Average penis size however is not the giant 10" monster that you tend to see glorified in porn movies. Porn actors should not be thought of as representative of normal males since many have undergone enlargement procedures or are just fortunate enough to have been born well-endowed - this is primarily the reason they got into the porn scene in the first place! In reality, the average penis size is actually between 5.5 and 6.4 inches in erect length and 4.7 and 5.2 inches in girth (width).

Many women however tend to agree that the length of the penis itself is not as relevant as the actual thickness. This common and popular opinion actually has its basis in the physiological construction of the vagina and relates to stimulating the so-called "G-Spot" which is located about 2 inches inside the upper wall of the vagina. Since the nerves that are stimulated during sexual intercourse are located near the entrance of the vagina, penis girth is significant since a thicker penis will stretch out the vaginal walls that stimulate these nerves. The increased friction and sensation that is generated produces a more intense sexual experience for most women.

While many women do prefer larger penises, it should be remembered that this is still a personal preference and ultimately up to the individual. Many more women do not only correlate penis size to sexual pleasure but also need passion, intimacy and an emotional connection to their partner to be truly satisfied. It's always important that you show her your love and your commitment. Surprise her with some flowers, give her a sensual massage, assault her senses with romantic gestures and you will reap the benefits.

To enhance your lovemaking you can also experiment with different sexual positions or incorporate sex toys. Learn to pay attention to her reactions and identify her key erogenous zones. Discover the techniques that stimulate her the most and the ones that illicit the greatest response. Don't only think in terms of using your penis to please her - use your tongue, fingers and/or a vibrator to further excite her.

Yes, penis size and thickness can be important to many women, but pleasing a woman is truly a combination of skill, passion and romance. Your love making is, after all, only as good as you make it!

Posted by PRS
Monday, January 29th, 2007


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