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TrophiesMany consider penis size an important factor in sexual and psychological well being. A big penis brings about increased self-confidence and can improve both your social and sexual life. While most men desire to have a larger penis themselves, a common curiosity among males is the question of "who has the world's largest penis?"

There have been some studies done in an attempt to answer this question but it a difficult subject in which to obtain objective data since polling is prone to inflated measurements. Additionally, there are now several ways to artificially augment penis size so verifying a true natural measurement is often impossible.

There have been several professional studies performed regarding average penis sizes among men. Generally, Caucasian males have penis sizes that average about 6.2 inches in length, with the approximate circumference being 3.2 inches. Studies conducted as early as 1795 have invariably shown that black males usually possess superior penis length and girth to white males.

This however, conflicts with reports conducted by the famous Kinsey Institute which shows only a minimal advantage for blacks. These tests concluded black males generally measure 6.3 inches in length and 3.7 in circumferences or only a slight size advantage over whites. To get more conclusive data, information needs to be gathered which represents a greater sampling of test subjects as the Kinsey report study only polled about 50 black males as opposed to about 2,500 white males. Such an unequal sampling does not really give much credence to the test.

Although some statistical data exists which allows for a somewhat accurate estimate of average penis size, uncovering the largest penis size is a much more difficult task. There are records of extremely large penises but unfortunately more precise details like the actual names of the men are impossible to find.

The largest unofficial penis measurement was taken by Dr. David Reuben in 1969. Dr. Reuben allegedly encountered a subject with a penis that was 14 inches long when erect. This amazing information, however, remains unverified. The official record, therefore, for the largest penis belongs to a man measured and documented by Dr. Robert Dickinson in the earlier part of the twentieth century. This subject had a 13.5 inch long penis with a 6.25 inch circumference. Various other studies have since reported subjects with penis sizes ranging from 10 to 12 inches in length.

Nowadays there are several reports of men from all over the world claiming to possess the largest natural penis size. The problem with these claims is that at present there are so many avenues of penis enhancement that it is virtually impossible to judge the validity of these claims. The present record holder's penis was measured in the early 1900's, long before the advent of today's technological advancements in penis enlargement. This being the case, the current record of 13.5 inches as documented by Dr. Dickinson remains the most authentic measurement for the world's largest penis.

Posted by PRS
Saturday, April 15th, 2006

16 Responses to "The World Record for Penis Size"

I personally had sex with a male who I measured fully erect at 14.5 inches. I measured him correctly. I know that another a man from the same town named Carl Bishop (1892-1979) had 12 inches. There are claims of an actor being 9 inches soft and 13.5 inches erect. This has to be a lie because the larger the penis when soft the less it increases when erect. The man I was with had very little difference between erect length and flaccid length. If this actor had 9 inches soft then he is 10 inches or less when erect. John Holmes was measured by someone when he was dead and 8 3/4 was written on the back of the autopsy report. When erect, he would have had to have been about 9 1/2, much smaller than he was exaggerated to be. I became interested a long time after having sex with the really large man I mentioned.

there was a kid at my school that graduated last year and it was 15.7 hard...

My penis in 23 inches length erect and 5 inches in girth erect.

I measured my penis about 12 years ago when hard it was 13.7 inches long but whilst women think its great they certainly change their mind at penetration and i cant fully insert and enjoy sex to its limit

@david umana. Yea well my penis is 3 and a half feet when erect and its wider than a watermelon!

i have bigg penis 9inch

im fourteen and my penis is 6.8 inches long soft and 10 inches long hard.(no lie) bt my girth is 7.5 inches.(i know how to measure myself and my size is natural n im black)

I do not believe that Americans have six inches. I think most of the Americans have 10 inches to 12 inches because they look so interesting. I am Pale/Hispanic and I have 8 inches and 5 inches circumference. Not big enough. Americans play much better.

All of you people are retards. Who are the global penis handlers and checkers anyway? Always saying asians are small, obviously never seen mine... Hmmmm.

My penis is 12 inches long & 5-6 inches in girth and I have never and never will use any......I'm looking for a penis reduction, it don't make any sense of having such a large penis!! Apparently it runs in my intermediate family!

When I was 13 I had a bf that was 17. He was 12 inches long. I never measured the widthe but he was much thicker than my wrist. I used to get so excited just rubbing it that I would orgasm. There is something about a big one that just makes most girls crazy. My husband now is 5 inches on a good day. I think about my old boyfriend alot.

mine is 2 in but when hard 6 1\2 and i have 3 peircings in it

i want appliance which that do larger my penis

Hi asadullah,

You'll want a penis extender which can add between 1-4" depending on how long you use it. You can see the top-rated devices on our extender comparisons page. Both SizeGenetics and Male Edge are excellent choices.

When I was in high school 12th I had sex with a guy in 9th grade.He was 12 inches long and 6 inches thick.After I got used to it I liked it but he put every guy since to shame.

There was this guy Chris that I went to high school with, we fooled around once at a beach in Dennisport one summer. He was kinda shy and unpopular but he had to be at least 10 inches when hard (from what I remember, it was 20 years ago now, but it was enormous). I was turned on that I had to use both hands to control it. I think about that all the time and wished that we had more time together. I still hope to bump into him again someday.

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