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Penis Patch BattleThe natural penis enhancement market is highly dynamic with new products being released on a fairly regular basis. While this is largely true for the entire industry, there is one notable exception - the penis enhancement patch. Development of this particular type of product has been somewhat stagnant with the entire line having been more or less dominated by a single brand for the past several years. That is, until recently. A new penis enhancement patch system has come on the scene that promises to shake things up and bring some new competition to this unique yet popular niche.

Rise of the Penis Enhancement Patch

Every year the demand for penis enhancement products grows as more and more men seek ways to improve their sexual ability and naturally increase their size. With this ever-increasing demand comes a slew of new penis enhancement solutions that primarily take the form of penis pills and capsules. Although pills are without a doubt the most common form of enhancement product, the earlier part of this decade (circa 2002-2003) gave rise to an entirely different type of product called the penis enhancement patch.

The primary difference between enhancement patches and enhancement pills is the method of ingredient delivery. Where pills take the traditional route of being consumed orally, enhancement patches work my delivering their ingredients directly through the skin via small "transdermal" adhesive patches. This is the same type of technique you see employed with nicotine patches that are used to quit smoking.

While early development of penis enhancement patches suffered setbacks due to poor quality and construction (some would cause skin irritations or the adhesive wouldn't stick), eventually a high-quality product was released that has since become the premier enhancement patch on the market, PROenhance™. With it's superior design and specially formulated ingredients, the PROenhance Patch™ has become the de facto standard for penis enhancement patch solutions.

A New Contender - MaxiPatch™

Even though PROenhance™ may currently reign as the champion of penis enhancement patches, a newly released product called MaxiPatch™ has come on the scene with aspirations to dethrone it. Based on early indications and user feedback, MaxiPatch™ may just give the reigning champ a serious run for it's money!

Using the latest cutting-edge transdermal technology and hosting an array of powerful and proven ingredients, this new penis enhancement patch is already generating enormous praise. In the last few months alone we have received numerous reports attesting to it's effectiveness and espousing it's benefits.

Oddly enough, one of the most compelling aspects of MaxiPatch™ is not the product itself but rather the incredible assortment of additional aids that comprise the entire "system." Not only does it include free enhancement supplements but it also contains an informative "Sex Guide" which instructs men on how to better take advantage of their newly enhanced sexual performance.

Easily the most exciting component of MaxiPatch™ is the inclusion of the PenisHealth™ exercise program. This particular enlargement system is without a doubt the most effective penis exercise program in existence today. When you order MaxiPatch™, you get the PenisHealth™ program for free!

To learn more about MaxiPatch™, check out our Complete Review located here:

MaxiPatch™ Penis Enhancement Patch Review

The Future of Penis Enhancement Patches

It's still too early to say whether MaxiPatch™ will succeed in dethroning the reigning PROenhance Patch™ system. Both are incredibly advanced and effective penis enhancement products. They both come with supplemental penis enlargement exercise programs. They're even both backed by a full 6 month money-back guarantee!

To be perfectly honest, either system is a worthwhile investment for men looking to enhance their sexual performance and increase the size of their penis. Putting brand loyalty aside, the end result is really the only thing that actually matters.

One thing is for certain: as long as penis enhancement patches continue to deliver incredible results, the future of this product line remains secure.

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Friday, June 25th, 2010


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