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money pillsLately it seems that herbal alternatives to Viagra, Cialis and other prescription drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction have been cropping up all over the place. Personally I think that natural herbal solutions to male problems are ultimately the way to go. But I don't think the big pharmaceutical companies are too excited.

I recently found an article over on MSN Health & Fitness entitled "Natural Viagra: Is it safe?" After reading that, I have to admit that I was a little surprised by the obvious bias expressed in the article.

The subheading to the article was So-called "herbal viagra" products are not the same as prescription Viagra. Well duh. The obvious differences include:

  • Viagra is chemically manufactured in a laboratory.
  • Viagra requires a prescription.
  • Viagra costs a small fortune.

The article goes on to talk about the "rigorous standards" applied to prescription medicine and how herbal products are unsafe and possibly dangerous. Well a quick search on google will return far more results regarding side effects and law suits against the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products than all natural herbal products combined.

Inevitably, the article mentions yohimbe as a popular and dangerous herbal product. That's no surprise since the dangers of that particular herb have been plastered over and over again all over the net. Hell, there's even a page on Penis-Resources dedicated to the particular dangers (see Dangers of Yohimbe).

While no one will argue that some herbs like yohimbe can have negative side effects, in all honesty there's pretty much nothing that can't harm you if you consume it in large quantities. Think water is good for you? Try drinking too much of it in a short period of time and see what happens.

I have to admit that the entire article kind of pissed me off. Sure, there's lots of herbal products for erectile problems that are absolutely bogus. But from reading that article the average reader would think that the only thing that can possibly work is Viagra. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised... advertisements for Viagra are plastered all over the page!

Having tried and tested many different products myself, I know that there are legitimate and natural ways to enhance erections and improve libido. There's reviews and comparisons all over this site to testify to this.

I'm no conspiracy nut, but it leaves me wondering just how much the medical community actually cares about people. I'm not naive... I know it's a business after all. If there's no money in it then why should the pharmaceutical juggernaut give a damn.

I guess part of me likes to hope that the medical community puts people ahead of profit. That finding cures will actually be more important than making money. I won't be holding my breath. In the meantime I plan on finding natural alternatives to prescription drugs and letting others know of my experiences.

Posted by PRS
Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

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One Response to "Drugs vs. Herbs - The Battle Rages On"

Hi, my doctor told me that i can't use viagra anymore & counseled me to change it on cialis. Can U tell me something about it.what will be better

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