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penis pills and patchesEach year the market for male enhancement products expands and becomes more mainstream. There are now literally thousands of products designed specifically for men to increase erection hardness, promote penis growth and enhance sexual pleasure. Because there are so many different products available however, men are often left confused about which solution is right for them. Since some medications, such as Viagra and Cialis, require a doctor's prior approval, it is best to consult your physician for advice when considering those products. Others however, such as penis pills and penis patches contain only all-natural herbal formulas and can be purchased without a prescription. But what is the differences between male enhancement pills and penis patches?

For this example let's take a look at two of the more popular penis enhancement products: ProSolution Pills and PROenhance Patches. As the names imply, ProSolution is a male enhancement formula that comes in pill form, while the PROenhance product uses a mixture of natural substances contained in a trans-dermal patch (similar to nicotine patches used to quit smoking). Aside from the actual formulas used, the most significant difference between these two products is the mode of delivery.

As most people are already aware, pills or capsules are ingested and begin to work when dissolved by the stomach. Once the acids in the stomach begin to break down the pills, the substance is dispersed and passes through the liver and into the bloodstream. To be effective, the concentration of active substances inside the body must be maintained by taking these pills on a regular basis.

Products that come in patch form, however, work by sending the active substances through the skin and directly into the blood vessels. This delivery method has the advantage of bypassing some of the processing that takes place in the stomach and liver. Another benefit to this method is that patches can be worn for several days before replacing them unlike oral supplements that have to be taken every single day.

While both methods are effective and popular male enhancement solutions, the choice is ultimately up to the individual. If you don't mind swallowing supplements daily, as many people already do with certain vitamins, then taking pills shouldn't be too much trouble. On the other hand, if you're interested in a more convenient and less obtrusive method, penis patches are an excellent alternative solution to delivering the formula into your body. The most important thing, whether using penis pills or penis patches, is to make an informed decision on the product brand you choose and avoid wasting money on products that are ineffective or, worse, harmful to your health.

Posted by PRS
Thursday, December 28th, 2006


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