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Extenze commercial on televisionIf you watch late night television then there's a good chance you've run across an infomercial for a male enhancement product known as Extenze. This is a commercial that begs the question, "can a simple pill really increase the size of a man's penis?" According to the makers of Extenze, the answer is yes, it can. Since I am somewhat skeptical by nature, I thought a little research into the actual product itself was in order.

As I mentioned, I am a skeptic and tend not to take things at face value. This is especially true when it comes to claims seen on TV, particularly those in the form of infomercials. Whether it's 'internet riches' or 'millions in real estate', we cannot forget the fact that we are watching an advertisement that has the sole intention of getting us to buy a product. Many of these commercials are quite compelling too.

The Extenze infomercial is no exception. It addresses an issue that is important to many men, namely the size of their penis. They present the problem (you want your penis to be bigger) and supply the solution (buy some pills). Some very attractive women are thrown into the mix to make sure blood is diverted from your brain to your penis - quite tactful! Hey look! You're penis has already grown larger and that's only from just watching the Extenze commercial!

In all seriousness, that such a product can exist and in fact thrive in the current market place has a lot to do with the rash of breakthroughs in clinical medicine. It has already been proven that drugs like Viagra and Cialis work. There are also several non-prescription penis pills that can naturally stimulate erections and growth. Unfortunately it's getting more difficult for consumers to separate the legitimate male enhancement products from those that have simply jumped on the bandwagon.

Issues with Extenze

After looking deeper at the product, a few issues emerged that I feel need to be addressed. First, one of the ingredients it contains is yohimbe. This once popular natural aphrodisiac has come under fire in recent years due to the many harmful effects it can have on the body - see the Dangers of Yohimbe.

Aside from containing a potentially dangerous ingredient, another thing that struck me as odd was their free 7 day trial offer. Even assuming that the product is effective, there is no way you will notice any significant results within a week. Natural male enhancement supplements simply do not work that fast. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that immediately impact enzymes within the body, herbal products are designed to improve the health of the bodily sexual systems themselves. In other words, they are meant to address the underlying problem as opposed to treat a condition. This requires that your body assimilate certain nutrients over time, usually over a period of months.

An Incomplete System

Ok, let's pretend for a moment that these pills do indeed promote the healthy flow of blood to the penis. That alone will not increase overall penis size unless you consider getting an erection growth. It is a combination of pills and penis exercises that will actually produce viable gains. This is something that is entirely absent from their program.

Penis enhancement programs such as the one provided by ProSolution are effective because of the natural synergy that is inherent within their system. The herbal supplements are intended to act as natural vasodilators to open up blood vessels and encourage blood flow within the penis. An accompanying penis exercise regimen stimulates cell production through various massage and stretching techniques. This results in the expansion of erectile tissues within the Corpora Cavernosa and augmentation of the Corpus Spongium and Cavernosal Artery. Without actual physical manipulation, the length and thickness of the penis itself will remain unchanged.

Extenze Troubles

Further investigation has turned up some rather troublesome complaints regarding customer satisfaction. While it's true that not all products work the same for everyone, the numerous billing issues and refund problems associated with Extenze is entirely unacceptable. Even more disturbing is a report of excessive lead content within the product itself - see the Extenze Wikipedia Entry for more details.

Choosing a Better Product

Wanting to increase the size of your penis is an admirable goal. It's also something that's possible as long as you have the desire and determination to see it through. Products like Extenze are unfortunately not the way to go about it.

If you're serious about penis enhancement then you need to use the right tools for the job. Our Top Recommendations outlines some of your best options and is a great place to start. When it comes to true penis enlargement, thinking with both heads is mandatory.

Posted by PRS
Thursday, October 16th, 2008

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