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Calendar of Bigger PenisEvery man would love to naturally enhance his penis, there is no denying that. The benefits that come with the transformation are numerous - harder erections, improved sex drive, lasting longer during intercourse, increasing your actual penis size by inches... just to name a few! The question is, are most guys ready to do what it takes in order to get the greatest results?

Doing What It Takes To Succeed

Our last article discussed the importance of choosing a good penis pill and some of the things you should be on the lookout for. Even though it's a critical decision, it's really only the first step towards achieving your goal. Just as important is your ability to stick with a program until you get the results you want.

The truth is that even though most guys would die for a penis that is harder, bigger and stronger, most don't want to wait very long for it to happen. They want it to be instant and immediate. Well that just isn't how it works with penis pills - or anything else for that matter!

It does take some time for your penis to respond to the ingredients, that's just how it is. Sure we'd all like to take a pill and then the next day wake up and our penis is enormous. That might happen in a dream but it definitely isn't going to happen in the real world.

There are no miracle pills that will do that. The products that do work are based on science, not science fiction. You can get incredible results and the big penis you've always wanted but it does take some time.

How Long Will You Have To Wait?

When it comes to taking enhancing pills and supplements, the million dollar question is always "how long do I have to wait for results?" That might sound like an easy question to answer but it's really not.

How long do you have to wait... until what? Until your erections start becoming harder? Until your libido goes through the roof and you can have sex for hours straight? Until you see an actual noticeable difference in the size of your penis?

What you need to understand is that there's a natural progression when taking pills. Some changes happen before others. If they were miracle pills then maybe it would all happen overnight, but again, there are no miracles when it comes to enhancement and enlargement pills.

It could take weeks for some men, it could take months for others. Since I can't see the future, when I'm asked the question I usually tell guys to give it between 3 to 6 months for the greatest results.

Maybe it will happen sooner and you'll be surprised and happy. But I don't like to get someone's hopes up so I give the safest answer, usually between 3-6 months. Why is that answer safe? Because it's almost guaranteed that everyone will see results within that time! That is, as long as you pick top quality penis pills and follow the instructions!

Now if that sounds like a long time to wait then you really need to ask yourself a question. How badly do you want it? If you can't take some simple pills every day for a few months then maybe you're not serious at all. Maybe having huge throbbing erections that last for hours isn't really that important. Or maybe having a long and thick shaft like a porn star isn't appealing to you.

In the end, the choice is yours and only yours. I'm not here to convince you that you need to enhance your penis. I'm only here to tell you it's possible if you really want it.

The fact is, it's really not much work at all when you realize what it is you're actually working towards. Do you have any idea how many guys take pills to get bigger and harder? More than you might think - and that's because most men don't talk about it!

Now if you're actually serious about naturally improving your penis then here's some of what you might expect.

The first 30: In this time, most guys will start to notice changes in their libido (sex drive). You'll start thinking about sex more and find you're getting a lot more horny than usual. You'll probably also notice that your erections are becoming harder because more blood is flowing through your penis.

By about the 2nd month: You'll begin noticing a physical difference - your penis is stronger and looks more full. You might see an increase in vascularity (more veins). The length of time you can stay erect increases - if you're having sex, you'll last for a lot longer than before.

Between 3-6 months: Here is where you'll take off and start seeing some significant changes. This includes getting longer and thicker not only when you're erect but also when you're soft. If you're doing some penis exercises - the best products such as these powerful penis pills come with a fantastic exercise program - then you'll be learning to stretch your penis so it can hold even more blood and grow even larger.

Once you get into a routine it becomes easy. Just don't try to rush it by doubling up on the number of pills you take. It won't make it happen any quicker and you'll only be wasting pills (and money). Always take the recommended dosage, follow the instructions completely and give it time to work naturally. Where you go from there is up to you.

The good thing is you don't have to take the pills forever. Once you get to where you want, your size is big enough and your erections are harder than ever, then you can start cutting back on your pill intake. Keep doing some daily exercises to help keep those cells pumped full of blood and you'll keep the gains you've made.

Remember, getting harder and bigger, performing better and lasting longer during sex, it doesn't take a miracle. It juts takes a little patience and desire. Imagine what it feels like to know that most guys can't even come close to what you've got in your shorts? That's when you'll finally understand why it's worth the wait!

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, February 5th, 2014


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