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Attention Detour SignIt recently came to my attention that some men interested in purchasing ProSolution Pills may be unable to do so due to certain import restrictions. Specifically, I was contacted by someone from Mexico who received the following message when trying to order: "Due to import regulations, we can not ship to Mexico." Although most men should have no difficulty ordering, it can be frustrating for those few who can't buy these enhancement supplements because of where they live. So what can you do if you run into this problem?

As I mentioned, the vast majority of men looking to purchase these pills can order relatively hassle-free directly from the ProSolution Pills Website itself. They are an extremely popular supplier of enhancement supplements and ship to many countries around the world - but apparently not every country. Fortunately I've learned of a way that men can get their hands on this effective supplement even if they live in a place that has certain country-to-country restrictions in place.

PenisHealth, our #1 rated penis exercise program, offers an option to purchase ProSolution Pills as an "add-on" when joining their program. I contacted their sales department to inquire about shipping and they informed me that sending to Mexico would not be a issue. They started offering ProSolution supplements as an addition to their program since they help enhance blood flow and speed up the gains made by exercising.

If you visit their online ordering page you will see the option to add ProSolution Pills to your order:

PenisHealth & ProSolution Pills Option

The only possible downside that I see is that you are only able to buy a maximum 4 months supply when ordering. Most men prefer to order a 6 or 12 month supply at one time. You can of course always re-order more from them when your supply runs out.

They also have an option to order the SizeGenetics enlargement device as well. While this is arguably the most effective method ever for increasing penis size, it's also considerably more expensive. That decision is entirely up to you.

Although I only checked about shipping availability with regards to Mexico, they may be able to ship to other countries that have stricter import regulations as well. If you experience this type of problem when ordering with ProSolution, you may want to check with PenisHealth as a second resort. There's a good chance they may be able to help!

Note: I don't know how long the ProSolution Pills add-on option will be available. This may change at any time without notice.

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, February 11th, 2009


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