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Innovative Performer5The penis enhancement industry is constantly changing with new products being introduced and existing ones being updated and improved to enhance effectiveness. In such a dynamic marketplace it's sometimes difficult to keep pace with all the fresh innovations being spurred on by advanced research and development. In this article we discuss the importance of staying current with advancements in penile enhancement. In particular we look at one of the newest innovative products called Performer5™ which offers the latest cutting-edge solution to male ejaculate enhancement.

The Complete Penis Enhancement Spectrum

We're always keeping an eye out for new penis enhancement developments but there are certain times when things slip through the cracks. Sometimes our attention is focused too heavily on one particular aspect, such as penis enlargement. Unfortunately when this happens we may tend to neglect, albeit unintentionally, the other equally important factors that contribute to overall penile enhancement.

It should be understood that penis enhancement in it's entirety is not solely about increasing the size of the penis. It also takes into consideration such things as increasing erection strength, improving sexual performance and enhancing ejaculatory function, among others. In it's complete scope, penis enhancement is meant to improve all aspects of penile functioning as it relates to the male sexual condition.

While it's all too easy to become fixated on one particular facet (to the detriment of others), there are other times in which complacency itself is to blame. If we've already found something that works, why should we be bothered to try something different? This attitude, as demonstrated by our woefully inadequate coverage of the new semen volumizer product from Performer5™, serves as a reminder that we should never be dismissive of new products even if we're completely content with the performance of existing ones.

To this effect, I'd like to introduce one of the latest (and greatest) products available for men seeking to increase the total amount of semen produced during ejaculation.

Performer5/Vit5 for Semen Enhancement

I first learned of Performer5™ approximately 12 months ago. While the details at the time were sketchy, I did know that this product fit into the category of semen volumizing supplement. For those unfamiliar with this type of product, "semen volumizers" are pills specifically designed to increase the total amount of ejaculate produced during orgasm. They're also one of the most commonly used aids among male adult film stars as it enables them to consistently and repeatedly ejaculate considerable amounts of semen over the course of a filming.

At the time I had only given a cursory glance over the product and it's ingredient makeup. It seemed like a fairly decent supplement and I was reasonably sure it would meet all the necessary requirements of an effective ejaculate enhancement pill. Afterward, I had all but forgot about it as I was distracted with another endeavor.

As I alluded to earlier in this article, I was already quite content with a semen volumizing supplement which I had been personally using for years. That particular product, VolumePills™, was one of the first and most effective semen enhancement products ever on the market. Since it's inception, VolumePills™ has served thousands of men interested in significantly increasing semen volume production. There's a reason why it's remained the top-rated semen volumizer year after year - it works, and it works very well.

After a few months had gone by and I had mostly forgotten about Performer5™, I was contacted by a long-time friend of our site inquiring about it. I couldn't make an honest recommendation of this product since I had never actually used it. He suggested that he'd give it a try and let me know of his results. Since much of the product information contained on our site comes from the direct experiences of end-users, I thought this would make an excellent opportunity to learn more of this new ejaculate enhancer and gauge its performance.

Incredible Results with Performer5

About 4 months later he contacted me with glowing praise for the Performer5™ system and a breakdown of his results. In the short period of time he had been using the product, he noted the following:

  • A significant improvement in ejaculate output (an almost 500% increase)
  • Much greater erection response and hardness
  • More intense orgasms of longer duration
  • An overall increase in sex drive and sexual appetite

Needless to say, his results were fantastic! Contributing to his success are a few specifics that I had not been previously aware of.

First, Performer5™ is actually a "dual enhancement system" which includes two individual and unique supplements. In addition to the Performer5 formulation, it also provides an essential nutrient supplement called Vit5. These two products work in concert to boost semen volume output more extensively.

Second, in addition to the powerful nutrients contained in the ejaculate enhancers, Performer5™ also comes with ejaculation control exercises which further augments penile functioning and health. When I had learned that these exercises were provided by the enormously effective PenisHealth™ program, I knew that my decision to overlook this particular semen enhancement program was a mistake.

Since receiving this initial feedback, several positive reviews have been submitted by other men using the Performer5™ ejaculate enhancement system. While it remains a somewhat obscure and largely unknown product in the semen enhancement category, I'm convinced that it's status is sure to change as more and more men discover this highly effective program.

Staying Vigilant on New Innovation

If this experience has taught me anything it's that you should never turn a blind eye to innovation. It's important to remain open to new things, even if at times we find ourselves becoming complacent with those things near and dear to us.

I'm sure to keep favor with specific products, especially those that I have tried and tested and found exemplary in performance. This however does not mean I can afford to ignore new advancements in herbal science and natural medicine. It's not only an important aspect of performing penis enhancement research, it is my obligation to the readers of this site.

My hat's off to Performer5™ for introducing a hugely effective ejaculate enhancer in a market that is already dominated by others. I look forward to hearing more about this incredible product in the future!

For more information about this powerful semen enhancement system, please read our detailed Performer5™ Review.

Posted by PRS
Friday, January 29th, 2010


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