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clinical trialsThe male enhancement industry is booming with reported yearly earnings for giants such as Pfizer (the maker's of Viagra) estimated in the billions of dollars.

While the market continues to be dominated by large pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of herbal male enhancement pills are working diligently towards bringing alternative solutions into the mainstream. In fact, some of the leading suppliers have now taken the initiative to increase awareness of all-natural remedies by conducting clinical trials and publishing the reported data.

One such company, Leading Edge Herbals, has recently released to the public the results of clinical studies performed on it's own flagship product named VigRX™. By conducting these legitimate and independent studies, companies such as this are helping to assure customers of their product's effectiveness while at the same time dispelling the stigma associated with natural male enhancement pills largely created by email spammers.

While I personally have found better results with other penis enhancement pills, such as those offered by ProSolution™, I do applaud their effort in bringing scientific and factual data to the forefront. And to be fair, they have recently released an enhanced version of their product line named VigRX Plus™ which is reported to be greatly more effective than their original formula. I have in fact received several communications from subscribers who have begun taking this improved formula and will report any substantial findings as soon as they are made available.

Posted by PRS
Friday, March 23rd, 2007


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