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MaleExtra with PomegranateNatural penis supplements are perhaps the most widely used method for penis enhancement. With the passage of every year comes the release of new products, each one claiming to be more effective than the last at improving erection strength and increasing penis size. Although most usually end up being the same old formula repackaged under a different name, there is one promising new product that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Marketed under the brand name "MaleExtra™," this herbal supplement combines concentrated pomegranate with some of the most potent ingredients available to create what may be the most powerful natural penis enhancement pill ever.

The MaleExtra™ Enhancement and Enlargement System

Like some of it's predecessors, MaleExtra™ uses the effective combination of herbal supplements and penis exercises to achieve fast results. Where it differs from others is in the unique makeup of it's ingredients and the quality of exercise techniques it provides.

Unique Pomegranate Formulation

The single largest difference between MaleExtra™ and other competitors lies in it's inclusion of pomegranate ellagic. While the consumption of pomegranates has long been associated with numerous health benefits, it's use as a natural penis enhancer has only recently been reported.

The key importance of pomegranate is that it contain anthocyanins, ellagic acid and tannins. All of these function as antioxidants to prevent free radicals in the body from destroying healthy cells. They also increase blood supply and raise nitric oxide levels which helps to relax blood-vessel walls. This cumulative effect is similar to that of prescription impotence medications which is probably why some have come to call pomegranate "Nature's Viagra."

MaleExtra™ contains a concentrated dose of pomegranate 70% ellagic along with several other potent nutrients. With a total of 1500mg of quality ingredients per serving (more than any other product available), it is likely this reason why MaleExtra™ is producing such incredibly fast results.

To view all of the ingredients contained within the formula, see the MaleExtra™ Ingredients List.

Effective Penis Exercises

In addition to it's powerful formula, the MaleExtra™ system also includes access to the most effective natural penis enlargement exercise program available, PenisHealth.

This hugely popular penis exercise program has been used by men for years to enhance erections and enlarge the penis by up to 3 inches in both length and girth. It is also very effective for solving erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems as well as correcting penile curvature.

Through a combination of potent herbal supplements and effective penis enlarging exercises, this "dual enhancement system" is allowing men to attain bigger, harder and more intense erections while supercharging sexual performance. We've already received some compelling testimonials for this product and expect we'll be hearing a lot more about MaleExtra™ in the near future!

For more information be sure to read our Complete MaleExtra™ Review.

Posted by PRS
Friday, December 18th, 2009


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