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Curtains for MaxiPatchAfter only a relatively short-lived time on the market, the male enhancement product known as MaxiPatch has been officially discontinued. While showing promise, the demise of this up-and-coming brand of penile enhancement patch demonstrates the difficulty in gaining ground that all new products experience, particularly in the highly competitive penis enhancement industry. Simply being effective, as MaxiPatch certainly proved to be, is sometimes just not enough especially when you are going up against other well-established brands that dominate the marketplace.

The Quick Rise and Fall of MaxiPatch

It was only a little over a year ago that we first broke the news about MaxiPatch, a newly available brand of penis enhancement patch. Preliminary feedback was positive and it certainly seemed that MaxiPatch was a legitimate challenger to the title of "top-rated penis enhancement patch," then and currently held by the long-reigning champ PROenhance. So what happened?

To use a boxing analogy, MaxiPatch came out swinging hard. They had a well-developed and effective product and, like all brash contenders, went directly for the knockout. This however proved to be their downfall.

The high costs of researching, developing and deploying a new product, including the expenses involved with running a targeted advertising campaign, are hurdles that all companies must face. If you're not recouping expenditures and showing a fairly decent return within the first year, well then you're pretty much dead in the water.

Their main rival, PROenhance, had the distinct advantage of being on the market for over a decade. In short, PROenhance had brand-recognition and longevity on their side. They endured the same obstacles during product infancy but somehow managed to not only overcome this but in fact excel in the face of those challenges.

In all fairness, MaxiPatch seemed to be an excellent and effective product. They simply bit off a little more than they could chew in going up against the leader in penile enhancement patch technology.

PROenhance, Still Simply the Best

In the time that we've been involved in the research and review of various penis enhancement solutions, many products have come and gone. MaxiPatch is simply the latest casualty in a very competitive market. While those of us following the industry may find this news-worthy, it really has little if any impact on the consumer.

The penile enhancement patch niche still has a strong following among those looking to naturally enhance size and performance without the need for ingesting pills or capsules (the primary reason why some choose patches over pills). For most of these men, the highly effective solution from PROenhance is, and will continue to be, the product of choice.

For now, PROenhance reigns supreme as king of the penis enhancement patches. Will a new contender arrive to topple them from the throne? We'll see! As always, we will continue to follow and report on new developments regarding all things penis enhancement related.

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

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