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new improved prosolution pillsNatural male enhancement supplements are fast becoming a popular alternative to expensive drugs like Viagra and Cialis. This year has already shown several of the leading manufacturers of penis pills improving their formulas and conducting new clinical trials of their products. Marabou Limited, the maker of the popular male enhancement pill called ProSolution™, is among the latest companies in the industry to introduce a new and improved product.

The newest release of ProSolution pills comes in a blister pack of 60 tablets which equals a full 100% increase in the amount of pills! According to the manufacturer, this new release represents not only an increase in individual capsules per package but also incorporates a new and improved formula that will provide even greater results than before.

ProSolution still comes with a full 6 month guarantee (the best in the industry) and amazingly enough, the cost of their product still hasn't changed! Sales of these incredibly effective penis pills are sure to grow as more men are introduced to these herbal alternatives to the popular pharmaceutical drugs like those provided by Pfizer (the makers of Viagra).

For more information on some of the leading natural penis enhancement pills, be sure to check out the penis pill comparisons page.

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

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