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penis enhancement patchWhile considered a relative newcomer to the male enhancement market, penis patches enjoy a large and growing following among those seeking "pill-less" solutions. By utilizing a transdermal system to provide efficient delivery of nutrients through the skin, these patches offer an appealing alternative to their contemporary rival, the penis enhancement pill. There still appears to be some confusion regarding their actual usage - here we'll look at a few of the most common misconceptions regarding penis enhancement patches.

Are enhancement patches worn on the penis?

Absolutely not. While some may make this assumption based upon the products name, penis enhancement patches are not meant to be worn directly on the penis itself. In general they are affixed to the body in areas such as the arm, inner thigh, buttocks or lower abdomen. You can view an instructional demo on how to apply the patches on the PROenhance website. Since the ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, it is also very important to only apply the patch to areas that have been thoroughly cleansed.

Do patches have to be changed daily?

No. Most commercially available products will last about 3 or 4 days before they need to be replaced. Each patch is specifically designed to release a steady and uniform dosage of nutrients over a certain number of days. It is recommended, however, that the location of each successive patch be changed in order to prevent possible skin irritation from occurring.

Are practicing penis exercises still necessary for results?

Yes and no. The ingredients contained in enhancement patches are powerful. You will notice certain effects even after only a short time of using them. This includes increased arousal and libido, longer erection times and greater erection strength. But for optimal results you should always use them in conjunction with a certified penis exercise program. The patches themselves are a means to artificially enhance blood circulation and prepare the penis for exercise techniques designed to stimulate growth. For this reason you should always choose a company that packages an advanced exercise regimen along with cGMP approved patches.

Penis patches are designed to be convenient, affordable and most importantly, effective. If you're interested in improving overall penile health, enhancing your sex life and enlarging your current size, be sure to check out our recommended list of leading penis enhancement patches. The science behind the technology might sound complicated, but the results speak for themselves.

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, March 11th, 2008


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