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muscular manIn my younger days I was somewhat of a bodybuilding fanatic. It pretty much all started when I was 13 and saw the Conan Movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I remember thinking to myself that I just HAD to look like him someday! Well after years of training hard and going to the gym everyday, I started to become disappointed that I didn't develop a huge muscular physique. There were other guys in the gym that were giants so how come I wasn't? When I would ask these guys how they became so big, many times they would tell me that to truly get big I would have to use an "enhancer" - i.e. steroids. Well I never could bring myself to stick a needle in my body, so needless to say I never achieved the muscle-bound shape that I had hoped for. One thing I did notice was that in the shower some of these huge guys also had tiny little penises. I always wondered... does using steroids shrink a man's penis?

About Steroids

Steroids are synthetic substances that are used for various medical purposes and commonly utilized to increase body growth. Some forms are used during surgery to act as pain relievers. Commonly, steroids are used by bodybuilders and athletes to enhance their performance in sport. This practice however is banned in most professional sports. In fact, you've probably heard of a lot of big name sports personalities that have been negatively linked to the use of steroids. The misuse of these drugs can cause serious side effects including disease and even death.

Probably the most common form of steroid is the anabolic steroid. Essentially, these drugs promote the growth of tissue and muscle. Every man secretes a hormone called testosterone, which is responsible for the physical growth experienced during puberty. The purpose of anabolic steroids is to enhance this normal androgenic process and cause the body to develop at an even faster rate.

Unfortunately, the use of steroids has been proven to cause many negative effects in the body and can permanently damage the organs and other tissues of the body. The male reproductive organ is one of the most susceptible to the damage caused by steroids. Long term use can cause temporary or even permanent impotence. In essence, steroids paralyze the ability of the penis to perform its normal functions.

While there have been no direct links between the use of steroids and an actual shrinking of the penis, the use of these substances can interfere with the normal functioning of the penis. Weak erections, failure to maintain erection and impotence have all been linked to long term steroid use. Even though there is no scientific evidence that proves they actually effect the size of the penis, the fact remains that these drugs can and will influence the normal functioning of a healthy penis. If you've ever considered using them, do yourself and your body a favor and forget it. Having a statuesque physique that women admire is an appreciable goal, but what good is it if you can't even get an erection?

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Thursday, January 11th, 2007


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