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new VolumePills packagingPart of running an online review site is staying ahead of the latest products and innovations that come out within your industry. It also requires being well-informed and keeping up with changes that may be happening with any existing products. The fact is, nothing remains the same forever, especially when it comes to the ever-evolving Internet. So when I noticed some recent activity over at the VolumePills website, the undisputed King of semen volumizers, I knew it called for closer inspection.

New Look, Same Awesome Product

The first thing that tipped me off to the new developments was the newly designed packaging for the VolumePills product. While I think it's very attractive and a nice improvement over the old design, I must admit that it had me a bit concerned at first. VolumePills is hands-down the most effective semen enhancing supplement available today and I hated to think that they may have changed something with the ingredients.

After speaking with the sales manager I was very relieved to learn that the product formula hasn't been modified at all and remains exactly the same as before. In the many years of reviewing enhancement products, I have seen far too many companies attempt to reinvent themselves only to fail miserably. I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Cheaper Pricing?

This came as more than a bit of a surprise. Prices don't go down, they go up. Food costs more, gasoline costs more, everything costs more. That's just the way it is right? Apparently not over in the land of VolumePills! They have now switched their pricing to bulk discount rates which significantly lower the cost per package. So while the price of a single box remains the same, an order for a several month supply dramatically lowers the cost per package.

For example, a 12 month supply of VolumePills (now named the 'Elite Package') runs $348.95. It's technically a 13 month supply since they give you an extra box as a bonus. That brings the price to approximately $26.85 per package. This as opposed to an individual months supply that will run you $65.00. Now that's a savings you can feel!

Hooray VolumePills!

It's a little hard to explain but when I hear about VolumePills and see the growth they have experienced over the last few years, I almost feel a bit proud. They have grown from a little-known company selling an obscure product to one of the most popular names in natural male enhancement supplements today. After all, just a few years ago nobody even knew what a 'semen volumizer' was. Now you can find information about semen volumizers in just about every popular search engine. I'd like to think that in some way I've done my part in helping spread the word.

Of course now all the VolumePills images on our site have to be modified to reflect the new design and all instances of pricing fixed. That's OK though. Every time I receive an email from someone thanking me for my recommendation or telling me how much it has improved their life, all the work involved with maintaining Penis Resources seems well worthwhile.

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, August 13th, 2008


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