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Is using a penis extender by itself enough?

I have a concern with the products, size genetic and size

pro extender. They each have a option to choose device

(extender) only and deluxe package/size genetic system.

Well, I notice each deluxe package/size genetic system has

a program for jelqing exercises with some more bonus's.

Are they really necessary to increase penis size? Isn't

the extender by its self enough? I'm asking because I want

maximum gains but if the extender alone is enough why buy


Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 9:45 PM

The short answer to your question is yes, using an

extender by itself (without exercises) will still give you

results. However, combining the extender with an exercise

program usually helps to speed up the process.

A professional traction device, such as the one offered by

SizeGenetics, is specifically designed for comfort and

effectiveness - the comfort part is very important because

in order to get maximum gains you must be able to wear the

device for many hours.

For more information about the different types of

construction I recommend reading this article:

There are of course times when you probably will not be

able to wear it (at work for instance or when you are on

vacation). In those instances, having an exercise program

comes in handy because you can still stimulate the penis

and remain consistent in your training. The key to any

natural enlargement program is after all consistency.

While missing some training days is inevitable, the closer

you stick to a regimen the better off you will be.

When possible, I usually recommend ordering the full or

deluxe package that comes with many extender systems. This

gives you the most options to attain whatever goal you

have set for yourself. When you have committed yourself to

naturally enlarging your penis it is always beneficial to

have as many tools at your disposal as possible.
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