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Using penis traction for the biggest gains

I'm from Ireland and I have some questions - more like

constant worries - to ask you about. I am 19 and I really

want a bigger thicker penis. I am planning on buying a

penis enlargement traction device from your site. The

device will be worn when I sleep (around 9 hours). And I

also plan on doing some penis exercises as well. How

much penis traction should I be doing in order to get

the biggest gains?

Right now I am 6.5 inches fully erect and 5.5 inches in

girth (width). What kind of gains do you think I could

realistically achieve? Thanks for any advice!

Friday, January 23, 2009 10:45 PM

It all depends on you individually. If you're a beginner

then you'll need some time to adjust and figure out how your

body responds. Using the traction device along with some

exercises should get you started in the right direction.

A few hours a day for the device in the beginning is

probably more than sufficient. You will start out with a low

level of traction (penis stretching) and then increase the

amount slowly over time. Just remember not to push yourself

too hard or rush it. Go slow and you will gradually adjust

and then you can continue to fine-tune and improve your


The main key is to be consistent with your routine. Try not

to miss too many days and be sure to follow the directions

that come with your product. If you stick with it and give

it time, you will see definite improvement. How much you

gain really depends on how committed you are to training.
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