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What happens if my penis extender breaks?

Today I have successfuly purchased the penis extender from

sizegenetics, when I get it can you give me any advice on

anything not adressed by the instructions?

I'm convinced that sizegenetics is #1 but if the device

breaks while in use, can you get it replaced?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008 12:55 AM

Congratulations on your purchase! SizeGenetics comes with

pretty straight forward instructions so you really

shouldn't have a problem following the directions. Just

make sure to follow the program exactly as described and

be consistent with your routine. The team over at

SizeGenetics is also very helpful so if you have any

questions I would recommend you contact them - the support

they provide is excellent.

Although physically damaging the device is rare (it is

sturdily built), they do provide replacement parts if

necessary. You can read more about this in our blog:

If this happens within the 6-month guarantee period, I

believe that they will either replace the device

completely or provide you with the parts you need to

repair it. You may wish to contact support directly to

voice your concerns:

I try to keep up with the latest developments at

SizeGenetics and keep in fairly regular contact with the

support staff. If you like, feel free to mention that you

spoke with the owner of and I referred

you to their support department regarding this question.

They should get back to you within a reasonable period of

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