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How far to extend penis with stretcher

Hi ive sent you an email last week thanks for answering me...I

have another question...does the penis stretcher have to

extend the penis at its max to have effects or this does not

matter?? and will i see changes after a month if well used

everyday for 6-8hours a day??? Thank you very much

Thursday, August 30, 2007 12:25 PM

You're welcome. When you first start using the stretcher you

don't want it to be extended all the way out. You start with a

small stretch and then gradually over time increase the

traction. I'm not sure how yours is set up but most of the

ones you can buy use calibration screws that can adjust the

bars length in small increments.

Most of the companies I'm familiar with recommend starting at

only a few hours a day for the first month or so. Stretching

it out all the way for many hours a day when you are beginning

will probably only make your penis become sore since the

penile tissues haven't had enough time to stretch, repair and


For it to be effective is a process that takes a few months at

the very least - that depends on the individual's physiology

and how well their bodies respond. I have known people who

started seeing results after 6 weeks and others that took as

long as 4-6 months.

There really is a whole system and routine that should be

followed in order for it to work properly. That's why we try

to recommend the best programs available that not only provide

the hardware, but also instructions and support.

I understand that the cost may be a bit much for many people,

but they are manufactured by professionals that know what

they're doing. There are some legitimate providers that offer

them for under $200 so the price seems to be coming down some.

Here's a special running for $199.95 that is very good:
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