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Device to fix penis leaning left

i was wondering if penile traction devices work for natural

leaning penis (pointing up and to the left), i have yet to find

anything saying it works for that....what i really care about

is...i just want my penis to point forward and not to the

left...will a device such as size genetics work?

Sunday, August 26, 2007 4:24 PM

Yes and no. I don't think the device used alone will help the

condition you have described (a very common condition).

However, when it is used in combination with a penis exercise

routine then it does help considerably.

As you're probably already aware, penis extenders (traction

devices) address two issues - increasing penis size and

straightening the penis shaft. The constant prolonged stretch

forces the penis to adjust and grow based on the external

stimulus. Because of the way it is constructed it does this in

a linear (straight) fashion. And it does this effectively as

documented in research papers.

But penile curvature (peyronies disease) is completely 

different from what you are talking about. To fix the natural

lean of the penis, you need to strengthen the entire region


Penis exercise techniques (SizeGenetics comes with an 

excellent program) work to increase erection hardness and 

overall penis strength by training the entire pelvic region.

It will take some work and you will need to concentrate on

specific exercises to make the base of the shaft stronger. At

first it may be helpful to accentuate away from your penis's

current natural lean. This will help to stretch out those

tissues and teach you more control.

Obviously the goal is to make the entire base as strong as

possible and that will happen when you train regularly. And

while it may not seem intuitive, techniques performed in the

flaccid state are just as important as those done while erect.

SizeGenetics is an incredibly powerful and complete system

because they combine several legitimate penile enhancement

methods. In my opinion it is probably the best product

available to invigorate, stimulate and strengthen the entire

penis and all connecting regions.
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