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On this page you will find a doctor's endorsement for the all natural exercise and enlargement program. Penis Health gives you a complete set of scientifically designed exercises, which are proven to increase the thickness and length of your penis and require as little as 8 minutes a day to complete.

You should keep in mind however, that just because you come across a site that says it is "doctor recommended" does not necessarily mean that the site is legitimate. The doctor may just be lending his endorsement in exchange for money he receives or he may not even be a full doctor but merely a student still in med-school.

You should also understand that I do not personally agree with some of the things many doctors say. I believe in what I know works and what has worked for me in the past. I have spent thousands of dollars enlarging my penis and I do not believe in a program or any penis enlargement system until I have fully tested it.

The following doctor recommendation is for a site that I have researched, used and therefore I know is reputable.

Recommendation For Penis Health

Note: Penis Health receives numerous e-mails from doctors offering to endorse its program in exchange for money. We do not participate in or approve of this sort of activity, nor do we need to... our program is proven to work. Below you will find a doctor recommendation we received, without the need of a "bribe".

----- Original Message -----
To: Penis Health Support
From: Dr. Sean C. Goater
Received: April 2005 via e-mail

Hi, I have been in the medical profession for some years now and I was somewhat taken aback by your claims. In my years of study and research I have never came across a "authentic" program which claimed to solve the penis size problem.

I decided to try your program as I personally desired a bigger manhood. I know from personal research that psychologically women subconsciously desire a man with a bigger penis. This as always made me feel self conscious about my size.

I was initially surprised at the quality of the member area. Having read through some of the techniques I noticed that your program includes techniques devised by Dr. Kegel. I already knew that these techniques had been proven to increase girth and sexual stamina.

After first experimenting with these techniques I concluded that your techniques really do work. I have experienced a dramatic increase in my sexual stamina. I now have the ability to control my penis muscles which allows me to prevent premature ejaculation. This has led to my lovemaking sessions being as long as I desire.

The techniques devised by Dr. Kegel are just a very small part of your program. With the aid of the videos and pictures I learned the other techniques and took advantage of my free consultation to get a workout targeted to my aims.

After only a matter of weeks you could clearly tell that my penis was not only bigger in its flaccid state but when erect as well! On successful completion of the program I also found that my self-confidence was a lot higher.

The Penis Health program is truly unique and I would personally recommend this program on a personal and professional level to anyone. Many people in my profession shy away from talking or even researching programs like this but this is just plain ignorance. If a patient came to me and wanted advice on penis size I would recommend Penis Health without a thought.

Thank you for my gains.

Dr. Sean C. Goater, Phd

Note: Penis Health contains exercises which have been proven to improve erection hardness, ejaculation control, sustain longer orgasms and increase the length and girth of your penis.

These exercises were originally designed by Arnold Kegel, MD. Many people don't know who Dr. Kegel is or realize that he dedicated two decades (1956-1976) to dealing with sexual dysfunctions.


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