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Stopped penis exercises and something happened

i started doing exercises on my penis for about 2 weeks. i did

regular stretches that lasted 30 seconds. i used the v-stretch

and bundle stretches a few times. I also jelqed. i gained

about half a inch in those 2 weeks. after i stopped for about

a week i noticed it was going back down to the size it was

before i started the exercises. i was wondering why this

happened. i heard if you over do the exercises something like

this would happen. i think i over did it with the jelqing.

Friday, June 29, 2007 1:08 PM

I don't believe that you over did it, instead I feel that you

didn't give it enough time. Penis exercises are a very

specialized form of exercise. You are training a part of the

body that most men don't so it does take extra effort.

To be honest with you, 2 weeks is not very long and you really

need to give it more time. If you stop your training too soon

then you are likely to lose the gains you have made. After

your body becomes accustomed to the exercises it will have

better retention and you will find that you do not lose the

extra size you created.

Another thing that helps is to use supplements during your

training. I'm not sure if you were just doing exercises or

whether you were taking any herbals along with it, but I

always recommend using a combination of the two. Quality

supplements help to increase blood flow to the region which

keeps the penis in a more active state. This means that you

are stimulating your penis even while you are not exercising

it and can help to solidify any gains that you make. My

first choice for supplements is ProSolution - you can read

more about them here:

Again, even while using special pills like ProSolution you

will still need to be patient and give it time. After a few

months of training you will find that your gains are more

consistent and you will not lose them so rapidly. If you

remain focused and dedicated, you will be able to reach the

size you want.
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