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Will it take a year to see gains in length?

I was just wondering how long until I see some results

with penis length gain? I started 5.5 inch I want to be 7

or more and hope it will happen in less than a year?

I've been doing a penis stretch for a month or so and

haven't seen much results... how long until it starts

working? And how do I know that all those posts aren't

just lies someone made up?

All I do is the exercises I dont want to buy anything.

But if I reach my 7 inch goal I'll make quite a hefty

donation cause I am rich!

Saturday, April 05, 2008 6:13 PM

To get the best results you should follow a program of

exercises that target growth from multiple angles. You

shouldn't use just one exercise because there is no

single technique that will do it all.

If you are following a program that includes support and

proper instruction, then you should definitely see a

size increase by the end of a year. How much growth

depends on several factors including how closely and

diligently you followed the regimen (not missing

training sessions). Since it also depends on individual

physiology (genetics), no one can tell you how much

growth you will attain or how long it will take. Only by

following a routine will you find that out for yourself.

I understand and appreciate your skepticism. I

personally spent several years before I found a program

that worked for me. While it was very frustrating at

times, if I had simply quit because I was not seeing

gains, I would never have achieved the results I was so

desperate to have.

While it must be nice to be wealthy, that is neither a

prerequisite nor guarantee of success. I have spent more

money than I care to admit over the years on methods

that simply did not work. And I am far from rich! I work

a fulltime job in addition to running Penis-Resources

and it's a struggle most months to pay the bills.

I did make a promise to myself however that if I ever

discovered legitimate ways to increase my size then I

would share the information with others who were in the

same situation. Creating this website and writing

articles to help others was the only right thing to do.

My only advice to you is to keep striving for your goal.

If it were easy you could be sure that every man on the

planet would be well-endowed. This is obviously not the

case. Don't give up, read as much as you can,

incorporate different methods and you will, in time,

achieve what you have set out to do.
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