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Do you need an erection to perform the PC Flex?

You said PC Flex should be done while erect and

again you said it can be done anytime. Can I do pc

flexes without erection and in any position?

Thursday, April 03, 2008 12:35 AM

The PC muscle itself is not directly associated with

an erection. As such it can be exercised while the

penis is both flaccid and erect. For instance, when

you are urinating and squeeze internally to stop the

flow of urination, you are using the PC muscle -

obviously you don't usually have an erection while

urinating. When you do have an erection you will

notice that you can make your penis bob up and down -

this too is using the PC muscle, in this instance to

control movement.

From these examples you can see that the PC muscle can

technically be exercised at any time. In relation to

penis enlargement however, most men practice this

technique while being erect since it's usually done in

conjunction with other exercises that require an

erect/semi-erect state.
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