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Erection problems after doing exercises

Hi, I did the penis enlargement exercises for a few weeks

and I cannot get an erection now when I want. It's only at

night. Otherwise most are hard enough when it's night, so

I don't think the penis blood vessels are damaged. Do you

think I hurt the nerves and that's why I can't make it

erect? Is there such a thing? What should I do?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007 8:43 AM

The penis is a very sensitive organ so you must take extra

care when performing any type of exercise and be sure to

start out slow.

Which specific exercises were you using? Is the program you

used from a specific company like PenisHealth or Penis

Advantage? If you have gone with a professional program

then I'm sure their support department will be better able

to assist you.

In the meantime I would discontinue any exercises and give

your body time to recuperate. There is a good chance you

have exhausted the penile tissues and they need time to

recover. You may also want to run warm water (not hot)

over your penis and testicles (in the shower is convenient)

to soothe the area.
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