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Getting erection during penis exercises

When doing the penis exercises is ok if you start getting a

hard-on/boner? If not, what should i do

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 4:08 AM

For some exercises you are actually supposed to do them when

erect. Others are done when the penis is flaccid and still

others are done in half-flaccid, half-erect state. It all

depends on the specific exercise being performed.

It's pretty normal when you're just starting out to have an

erection while using some of these techniques. And while it

may not be easy to control this when first starting, after

practicing for a few weeks you should be able to better

control it.

This may be easier said then done, but you need to try to

concentrate on something that doesn't cause you to become

aroused for those techniques that are supposed to be done

while flaccid. Thinking about work or food or anything non-

sexual should work if you remain focused.
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