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Will being uncircumcised affect glans penis growth

i just recently found this site and i've been using penis

exercises for about 2 days now. My question is if im not

circumcise will i not see growth in my penis head?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 2:56 PM

Whether you are circumcised or not really has little

bearing on the overall effect achieved from performing

the exercises. While it is true that men who are uncut

sometimes find some of the techniques more difficult at

first, given enough time you will learn how to better

manipulate the penis for best results.

That being said, the exercises found on our website are

really only a primer for a full-blown advanced program

such as PenisHealth - reviewed here:

Programs like PenisHealth contain exercises that target

specific parts of the penis individually such as the

base, shaft and penis head (called the glans penis). They

are also tailored to cause different overall growth

patterns (length, girth). While each man will ultimately

respond differently based on things such as genetics and

overall time spent performing the exercises, all men

should notice a significant increase in size when

performed correctly.
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