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Need better quality penis exercise videos

The penis exercises on your website are too small and

hard to view. They also take a long time to download and

play on my computer. Do you have larger penis exercise

videos that you can send me?

Thursday, April 17, 2008 3:09 AM

The videos on our website are in fact low quality

versions of some of the more basic PenisHealth videos.

They are small so that they can be downloaded quicker.

Keep in mind that these penis exercises are not a

substitute for a complete penis exercise program. By

joining PenisHealth you will receive access to all the

information you need (exercise instructions, videos,

sample routines etc). You will also get support and

guidance directly from the creators of the program


Another option is to purchase the PenisHealth DVD so you

don't have to actually download the exercise videos

which are quite large and can take time to view. They

will play much quicker since they're already on the

penis exercise DVD and the quality is much higher. You

can learn more by reading our review located here:

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