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Will harm come from practicing penis exercising?

I have started the penis exercising and am doing

stretching and jelqing. Do you think these are safe? I

am putting this question as there is fear in our country

Bangladesh that masturbation is bad for the penis. It

destroys the nerves. As penis exercises are very much

like masturbation will it harm my sensation, or will it

de-shape my penis, or any other harm?

There is also an advice in our country that doing

massage of 'Black Seeds' oil on the penis is very good,

especially if mixed up with honey. What is your comment?

Please tell me what is the best method of improving and

keeping the penis very powerful in terms of erection and

blood circulation in the vessels?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008 5:18 AM

Penis exercises, like most things in life, can be

dangerous if not performed correctly or done without

proper guidance. Techniques listed on our website are

simply beginner exercises that are intended to give men

an understanding of what type of training is involved. I

always recommend that men interested sign up for a

program that offers support and professional instruction

in order to get the best results and to be sure they are

being performed safely.

If you really want to make gains in the quickest amount

of time possible, there is no better program then the

one offered by PenisHealth. It's not expensive, it's

effective and the support you receive is more than worth

the membership cost.

I have not heard of using black seed oil but you should

always be careful of what you put on your penis. Some

things can cause irritation so it's important to keep

the penis clean and dry.
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