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Penis exercise published study

can you please confirm the date you posted results for the study located at the following link:

Additionally, you mention in the article "specially formulated

pills," however, makes no mention of them on

their site. Nor does your site explain what type of pills the


Your response is appreciated.

Sunday, July 29, 2007 12:00 AM

The information included on that page was taken from a case

study that was performed quite some time ago. As you correctly

mentioned, it is no longer located on the PenisHealth website.

I believe that I first included it on Penis-Resources back in


I tried to locate the exact study via web archives but

unfortunately I cannot find the exact month/year that it was

published. I did locate one of the earlier studies dated Aug.

14, 2001: 

All of the available archives for PenisHealth are located here:*/

When I had originally made a request to re-publish their

findings, that specific study was performed using a

combination of exercises from PenisHealth along with

supplements provided by ProSolution Pills:

At the beginning of 2007 PenisHealth changed their format from

exercises/pills to exercises/enlargement device. Although this

is not a fact but merely my opinion, I believe that

PenisHealth discontinued their promotion of supplements in an

attempt to make their product appear more "natural" and to

disassociate themselves from the unfortunate stigma that

nowadays surrounds enhancement pills due to unscrupulous

marketing practices (spam).
I sincerely appreciate your well informed reply. In my never

ending search for accountable information on this

controversial topic, your email is a gem.

Many thanks for your time.
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