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Gaining 1 inch in penis size takes how long?

What is the minimum length of time if I do penis

exercises regularly to get 1 inch larger in size?

Thursday, April 03, 2008 1:15 AM

My honest response is that there is no definite answer

to your question. Every man is unique and it depends

on a number of different factors. Are you following a

professional penis exercise routine? Are you

supplementing your exercise regimen with any sort of

penis enhancement pills? It also comes down to your

individual physiology - some men just respond to

enlargement techniques quicker than others.

Ultimately the most important thing is beginning with a

solid foundation of legitimate and effective penis

exercises. Also you need to be consistent in your

training and not miss too many days. If you follow an

exercise program like the one reviewed at the link

below then you will see gains - it's actually

guaranteed by the program itself!

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